May 12, 2011

....a rose is a.....

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Feeling much better. Got everything written at work, but he started nodding off at 9.

Herself: Better. Worked hard with the books and came home to a really simple dinner I almost forgot to get in the oven. Today first day back in pool. Home now and really shakey and seem to need a nap at 9 in the morning as my head keeps falling on my chest....

  • It’s finals time here. I don’t hear from the kid or grandkids I usually hear from because everyone is immersed in finals. One or two commented on facebook so I know they are alive. Lessa had her funds cut again. How can a modern, single mother, college student live on 300 something a month. She says she has her books covered. At least they lowered her rent too. Nothing from the one going to three schools so I know things must be tough. Nothing from the one in Afghanistan either. Oy! At least we have GGgrand pictures on facebook from the east coast.

  • Few surprises with the books yesterday. One children’s jungle story, c 1918 had been rebound, but if it hadn’t been, the volume would have been worth in the 300 dollar range. The signatures of three generations of boys were in the front with dates: 1920, 1948, and a date in the sixties. How could the family part with it, we all wondered. There must have been no fourth generation.

  • Did I mention Grumpy was leaking from that same $600.00 spot again?

  • I’m beginning to get used to the new formality of the living room. Having that rug straight with the shape of the room was the only way we could fit it in. Now we have less frivolity. I kind of miss the light heartedness of the hand crafted things that wandered about in the red room. At least we will have the blue Christmas tree again, and I can weed out thousands more of our old ornaments. All that stuff weighs on me and I am the fool who collected it.

  • Open Diary down. A first tho....they are communicating with those of us who keep blogs there. This is progress on their part.

  • Quiet today. Cough drops, nap, write on a new sonnet. Out to dinner with “Sponce” as G calls Don. I bought the “Dining Out Companion” to plan our eating out and am appalled at the “points” count of some of my favorite foods. And I bought one of their points counters as I figure the next few years I will be still counting my points and eating very carefully. That’s what got both G and I in such trouble this time. We ate just what we wanted. What fun tho.


  1. Your photos just take my breath away....Wish I lived closer so I could met you in real life....

  2. A stunning rose indeed.

    Dining out is difficult. You never know what they put into the food. I watched the cooking while sitting at the bar in Anthony's the other day, and they kept whisking bottles of mysterious looking stuff out of cupboards and dumping big slurps of it in the cooking pans. Who knows what it had in it?

  3. In times when everyone seems connected 24/7 though all sorts of internet and mobile devices, it's nerve racking not to here from loved ones. My son recently went "offline" for over two days. I went crazy (I don't know anyone who lives in the city he's living in). When I asked what happened, he nonchalantly mentioned having picked up some books from the library and spend the days outdoors reading them. It's spring!

    Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

  4. Good luck with your diet. Watching points is always difficult, especially at restaurants.

    That rug sure is pretty.

  5. Sorry Ive havent stopped by for a while..but Im here NOW--ha
    Love that Rose PHOTO--its awesome. I have one son he is 30 we went to college for 6 yrs--and he never called unless it was money since funding has been cut expect lotsss of update phone calls!
    I wouldnt part with a book that had been in my family that long--

  6. I assume by "grumpy" you are referring to the truck... :)

    The rose is amazing!

    Ate out three times this week and still lost 3!! The bad news is that I lose, my daily point allowance decreases!!!

    I'm considering getting the WW app for a Nook or IPhone (actually, I have to consider getting the Nook or IPhone, first). :)

  7. I bought a feather to wear on my head tomorrow night. Don't you dare laugh!


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