May 17, 2011


North Island, Coronado, and the city of San Diego seen from the top of Point Loma.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: G walked at the Y, fixed lunch, and weighs one pound less than I after our wanton weekend of deserts.

Herself: Lost 16 pounds according to the Y scales which are the same as those at home.

Same stuff, different people. Today swim with G, school where I will read the “Names” sonnet, and home via the library which says it is open today. Turkey meat loaf scheduled for dinner with two small salads and roast asparagus. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this life I lead.


  1. It's s good life, indeed. And now I can leave comments via the phone again. Miracles!

  2. I often count my blessings after reading blogs and realizing once again, how fortunate I am.

  3. I think I understand. Sometimes I have to remind myself where I was in 1998 and give thanks!!! Love the Coronado photo!

  4. Love the view of Coronado. My son works there. Thanks, Dianne

  5. I am grateful also, for your lovely life and your generous sharing.

  6. Love that shot & LOVE Coronado!

    I bought roasted asparagus yesterday at Trader Joe's. It's quite good -- has grill marks on it!

    Have also been buying their marinated chicken breasts -- so very good!

  7. Why do I always get hungry reading some of your blogs?

  8. The happiness of contentment cannot be appreciated enough.


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