May 16, 2011

These Things

Yesterday and Today
Himself: His suit must go to the tailors. He ate and ate, and came up smiling plus only one and a half pounds.

Herself: I didn’t weigh myself this morning.

0530: He brings me coffee and green beans. I hope I show him I am thankful enough, for I sure am.

0630: Newspaper and TV news done. Head off for the gym.

0745: Home from the gym and he leaves for work. I read blogs, and scribble a bit here. Delighted to see note from Kay that she will be down. Breakfast indeed.

0830: To the Discovery shop where there were the usuals plus one lovely lady to discuss the Relay for Life. This year it is being held at Liberty Station. And too, not only are donations down, but totals are down. The depression is really denting our contributions not only to research but the Wig Program, the summer camp for kids, et al. Very long list. Discussion of how do we get more folks in. Marketing group begun. I do
Facebook. Wore the pin Lessa got me for Mother’s Day and a ring G got me this last month. Spoiled rotten, that’s me.

1030: Home, lunch, good chat with Bee. We both wish we lived closer. Lessa emailed me her last essay for class and I corrected the assorted comma’s and very long run-on sentences. She called to say thanks. Boy that was nice.

1345: Off to library, cleaners, store….gotta have our avocado in the salad.

1530: No libraries were open. Closed on Monday they say. I knew there were cuts, but I was flat out shocked by how deep the cuts were. Branch hours: Tue-Wed 12:30-8:00, Thu-Fri 9:30-5:30, Sat 9:30-2:30, La Jolla, Pt. Loma, & Serra Mesa open Sun 1:00-5:00. Central hours: Mon, Wed 12:00-8:00, Tue, Thu, Fri 9:30-5:30, Sun 1:00-5:00.

The downtown Central library used to be open till ten…a good place to do homework, research. I’m just breathless.

1700: Would you believe I forgot the avocado. Hamburger patty, baked squash, tossed green salad. Do you know how hard it is to be honest when tracking your food.

1810: Ran to CVS Drugstore for his meds and one of mine. Saturday night I coughed all night. Sunday I only woke myself up twice by coughing. I know part of this misery of mine is allergies. I get into his car and stop breathing. His cabin air filter must be totally clogged. I have reupped every med that will help me breathe just as they announce this is the worst allergy season ever.

1840: Enough. I want to read other’s writings. I want to watch Antique’s Roadshow tonight. See ya after class tomorrow…she say waving.


  1. Busy, productive day!!! Good for you!

  2. Coffee and green beans is a combo I've never experienced.
    Whatever you do - keep breathing.

  3. Coffee and green beans? I must try it!

  4. The worst pollen season ever, same thing they said last year and the year before, doesn't bode well fro those of us with allergies. Thank goodness for indoor gyms. Add a cold and I'm surprised you get as much done as you do, take care of yourself.

  5. 1. Yes, I DO know how hard it is to be honest when counting up those points!!! All too well.

    2. I can imagine the economy has affected your numbers.

    3. I'm waving back and heading to the gym here!


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