June 1, 2011


Viejas Outlet Mall entrance and casino entrance.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: June fools day, he tells me. Why should April be the only month with fools. Down to 219 from 240 on the Y scales. Still wearing Geezer pants tho. He loves the comfort.

Herself: Buying a second brace after “Books” today and going for a session or two with a personal trainer to build back up my upper body strength. I’ve been babying my wrists.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.

For weeks we had been planning this jaunt. We flat out love happy feet, and one of the things that helps keep our feet happy are World’s Softest Socks. Mine were nearing the point you could see through most of them, and his were all reduced to gauze.

I double checked that the store selling the socks was still at the mall. I even triple checked the time the stores opened as we had a meeting scheduled that evening. We dressed for the 47 F degree temperatures too.

Barrett lake seems full. Out water restrictions will be lifted, but the bills won’t be reduced.

We drove a half hour, or so, out there only to discover that Hanes had moved the socks to the Carlsbad Mall. So we got back in the car and drove an hour back to the coast and up the coast to Carlsbad. I found the bathrooms, we found the socks, “Oh Hurrah,” and we wandered our way back to the car via all the good stores.

In Crate and Barrel I looked up, and there was Ba…who had come down to attend a graduation. When last I saw her, she was screaming at me. This day, she was polite and even social. Amazing.

Monday I chatted as usual with Bee, my friend who lives in LA. They had come down to Carlsbad on Sunday to attend a wedding, and they too had been in the mall and the very same stores just hours before we had arrived.

What a coincidence. Except they hadn’t known about the World’s Softest Socks. Really amazing.

Carlsbad Mall entrance. Where Viejas was empty, Carlsbad was jammed full to the brim.


  1. Nice! Glad you got your socks.

  2. I'm glad you had a nice jaunt. I think I'd be checking hanes.com for socks. I don't drive that well any more.

  3. Soft socks are great!! I love happy feet, too. I would have driven to Carlsbad for them, too.
    Who is Ba and why was she screaming at you?

  4. Happy socks for happy feet. Sounds like a poem in the making!
    glad you found your treasures...makes the jaunt all worth the effort.

  5. World's Softest Socks? Hmmm... I shall have to keep that in mind.

  6. How Come I dont know these things?? I would love softer socks!!

  7. Geocache hidden at the Viejas mall. One of mine!

  8. A mini adventure. Sounds delightful.

  9. I am picky about my socks too, but I order them from Footsmart. No driving in this heat for me. Looks like your day was warm too, although my son swears the weather in SD is perfect.

  10. Not that it matters in the least since you accomplished the goal of getting what you wanted, but just how much do y'reckon those socks cost you?

  11. So, what is the name of these soft socks worth a trip like that? I need to find a good brand. I have socks that fall into my shoes and they drive me absolutely crazy.


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