June 8, 2011

Daisy Day

The news announced that it was Daisy Day today. These are fields of wild daisy’s around Mission Bay, 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He didn’t know it was daisy day either. Found OD still down but accessible through the back door. The DNS still isn’t fixed.

Herself: Read my bed bit in class and was commended for making something from nothing.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.

  • June gloom is with us.

  • The lady running the poets group on Thursday’s packed up and moved to Oklahoma in the middle of Summer. She was getting more fragile herself, and taking care of Joan sans money became a heavy chore. She packed up Joan, the house is for sale, and she moved them both….with kitty’s too, to Oklahoma near her family. It was quite a surprise to all of us.

  • Weight Watchers (WW) is with us every day in every way….as Dr. Fletcher used to say with his Fletcherisms. Carrots this morning for breakfast. Beets yesterday. We each have yogurt after the gym and we each have a half sandwich with a skim coating of real mayo for lunch. No fat yogurt. I’m certainly no expert, but I am developing preferences. The cheap stuff tastes grainy, the organic stuff is mucusy, and Yoplait is too cutesy for words. The great Geezer, who eats oat bran with his yogurt, can’t get the bran into the Yoplait containers easily. Those are our choices at the preferred neighborhood grocery.

  • They are talking grocery strike again here. Talking heads on the news seemed amazed that many of us customers didn’t go back to the big stores like Vons (Safeway) or Ralphs after that last strike. Why should we. Less than a block away is a mom and pop store that stepped into the breach and saved itself because of that last strike. It’s an old Alpha Beta store, small now, but they have everything the big stores do but less of it. And too, they have house brand stuff that beats the big guys brands. Leaves me smiling. The workers want to maintain their health care levels, they say. I agree, but if they strike they really lose in the end.

  • The Tipton Quilt: The manager of their historical society got back to me yesterday, and they are sending a donation today. I’ll ship the quilt to them today in return….with my manager’s permission. They want to bring it “Home” and I agree.

  • Books today….I love book days. They were training me to do pricing, but the experts are taking over. “Use your instinct,” one pricer told me, but perhaps my instinct isn’t theirs? I must need far more training than half an hour….I with a grin.


  1. Good for you with your diet it's sooo much easier when you are both doing it.

    I have a friend who moved back to Arkansas abruptly for the same reasons, sadly the coast is pricey.

  2. I cannot believe those nimrods want to strike again. They should have MY job if they want to bitch! Henry's and Trader Joe's will just make out like bandits again. Fine by me.

  3. I dont really have a dog in that fight but IF I did....I can not understand Unions in this country....MORE jobs are vanishing everyday--The Buck has to stop somewhere--I think if the CEO's and the rest of the Upper MGT was put on Unemployment things would CHNAGE for the better real fast.

  4. If everyone had to abide by the same controls; we would be better off. Too many exceptions for people in power which results in no concern for the little people.
    Glad to hear that the little Mom and Pop stores are doing well...more strikes by the big stores should keep the small ones open. If I worked in the book section, I would be taking home books every day.....LOL

  5. Odd about the striking and how it impacts you to use the MOm and Pop stores of the big stores. This whole recession affects us all in so many ways.

  6. I love the local groceries around here and try to shop there as often as I can. I hope that pricing doesn't become prohibitive during!

    I LOVE DAISY DAY. What a wonderfully beautiful moment you captured and shared. Thank you!

  7. Sounds as if you are having a good summer despite grainy yogurt and a missing leader. Have fun, stay cool. 101 here yesterday and I drove to school in the heat. Dianne


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