June 23, 2011


The last shot before my camera fell. Dramatic clothes filled with beads, sequins, and drama.

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Himself: He had a light day yesterday, finished everything early, and came home to hold my hand.

Herself: Really miserable yesterday, but did well with WW up to yesterday. According to WW online. I’ve lost 20 pounds. I confess, I ate dinner over my broken camera. My hip, front, back and side, was also the worst I remember it in years. Acres of books had been donated to the store. We got most out.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast: Coffee, mixed Veggies, yogurt. Lunch: Half sandwich and a diet Coke. Dinner: Hamburger and a salad. I didn’t eat all the burger.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I dropped my camera.

Bottom line, the neckstrap snapped as I was reaching to pull something straight on a gown I was shooting, and the camera fell to the cement floor.

I came directly home to get another camera. Yes, I still have my Pentax and all its lenses. Yes too, I have an old Rebel but the batteries were dead. All of them. Lastly, there was G’s point and shoot. I borrowed it after getting his permission and giving him the bad news.

I went back and finished shooting the glamorous stuff for the Discovery shop Glam show this Friday night, came home and posted all the shots to Facebook, and I didn’t fall apart. G came home way, way early, put batteries on to charge, took me to weigh-in…the first ever before dinner, dinner, and a new point and shoot.

The camera will go into the shop this Saturday. The lens is bent at an odd angle, and all I can do is pray that they can make it work again.


  1. Owie, keeping my fingers crossed for your camera. Wow, what glam/glitter apparel. Don't see any of that in our little burg's shops.

  2. Oh no! I am hoping for good camera karma! The clothing is breathtaking!

  3. In the meantime, what gorgeous clothes and your photos did them justice! Hope your camera gets fixed shortly. Good luck!

  4. Hope your camera lives.....what gorgeously glittery garb!

  5. Love the stuff. I wish I was near your shop. I would immediately buy one of those tops.
    Hope the camera recovers.

  6. Re: your camera Arggggggggggggh!

    Re: the clothes Lovely!!!!

  7. Oh! The agony of the falling camera. I remember setting one down on a bridge in Fall River, Massachusetts only to realize I had set it down one foot beyond the post and watching it fall hundreds of feet into the river.

  8. Can you imagine doing the needle work on those fabulous gowns and clothes!

    So sorry to hear about the camera. Will keep my fingers crossed.

  9. So sorry about your camera, but those point and shoots (I have one too) do a good job all the same. The evening blingwear was quite nice. It would also be quite nice if I ever had a place to wear such glam! Good show.


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