June 2, 2011


Yesterday and Today
Himself: Running late this morning. Officially has lost over 20 pounds.

Herself: A really juicy lot of new books to put out. I banished several armloads of the very old, half price stuff, so there would be room for the new. Not enough room for the non-fiction now and that’s a shame. Home to a simple dinner, WW weigh in where I discovered my pass had expired, and several games of solitaire.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

My goal is to answer my email this afternoon. It’s been piling up, over 40 wait for my attention, and I have this thorough sense of guilt that I have not answered these posts from dear friends.

Dear Dee….Thanks so much for the good news about your husband. I see there are two posts from you to answer today.….Oh, I have so much to say but so little time.

Hmmmmmmm…I’ll start with the next post. Maybe I have nothing to say.

Dear Anna….so glad to read you are packing to come home. Are you safe. Has the government there given you a contract for next year? Has your alcoholic husband gotten sober at last?

Oh, I don’t dare say what I am thinking …..

Dear Joan….I am so sorry there was this breach between us these last twenty years. You were brilliant, and now you have moved to Oklahoma with your newest lover and your now faded brilliance….

No, that’s certainly not right…..that’s really not nice at all. We will try again.

Dear Beltran….Oh, thank you for all the laughs you have been sending….I’ve been needing laughter. I’ve sent them on to an elder blogger who uses them in his weekly blog.

Well that’s bland.

Dear all of you. I’m so sorry to be sending out one of those, “One post suffices for all,” emails. We have been well…

Oh, that’s a lie. Not well, but I’m not telling folks that I am still coughing. Yuck. Now it’s getting late and not one email is finished.

I think I will take a break and start over again tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow, unless a train runs over me today.


  1. Oh boy.. I know the feeling. Only it's blog visits. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Now I know it's true: email may not substitute for writing a letter. But if you have email, you can usually make the reply short and silently skip the stuff you would rather not say.

    A dear friend is married to a sociopath -- no other explanation for his actions. I bite my tongue when I talk to her, but the emails remain cordial.

  3. I can't keep up with anything these days either. That said, I feel your pain and apologize that there are days when I miss your blog,

  4. E-mails can be difficult especially when you want to say what you really think SO MUCH!

  5. I have not been able to respond to posts for several weeks and things are looking bad. Loved this blog post, it gave me my laugh for today. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Dianne

  6. What a surprise it was to learn that in retirement you have LESS time to do everything rather than more. At least it seems that way.

  7. I am about 560 behind at work. I'm not even going to try!

  8. Very funny -- I think you're a hoot! Let me know what their replies are...

    Is that the White Horse Railway in Skagway???

  9. Those emails are so tempting. But I'm much more likely to say things I shouldn't when I make calls. I think more about the emails.


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