June 15, 2011

Fair Planning

Above, one of the dart games, and Below, a marvelous display in the woodworking section. 2010 Fair.

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POTW: I thank Hilary at The Smitten Image for gifting me with the Post Of The Week award for "A good Read" on yesterdays poem.

Himself: He starts his day at the Auto Auction at the border….far, far, away to the south.

Herself: The cry of “Books, books, books,” can be heard in the house today.

Foods for the day: Breakfast: Green beans, yogurt. Lunch: half no fat and turkey ham sandwich and a diet coke. Dinner: 1 cup homemade chili, broccoli, no fat cottage cheese salad.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.
Weekends are filling up. Between the two of us, our Saturdays look very social until July 2. That day the Geezer has booked us to go up to the fair. Yes, I am looking forward to going, but even fifteen minutes of standing now puts me into real discomfort, and I am darned if I rent a wheel chair. I know I can keep moving for a certain amount of time, and there are benches and seats all over the fair grounds. That will help.

And I love the fair.

There’s priorities, of course. The quilts and next the woodwork. The miles of art, gems, and the more miles of stuff for sale. We always do that. We photograph everything that moves too.

This year, we will pack our own lunches. It will be hard to go to the fair and not eat, but I had a donut and cake this week and gained. I don’t want to go to the fair and gain pounds too. When I told Bee that I’d eaten a donut, you would have thought the earth was falling apart. I shan’t tell her that I’m volunteering for the cake commitment at the Sunday night meeting. One lady told me that she never again wanted to see chocolate after six months of cutting cake. My problem is frosting.

So we will take our half sandwiches and buy a diet coke and keep thinking how much longer I will live without the deep fried Snickers bar.


  1. I keep telling myself I've had the particular goodie and then I can leave it alone. But when something really new comes along, my will power fails. And I've never had a deep fried Snickers bar.

  2. "Fair Food" is awesome! I go to ours just to put my cholesterol over the legal limit and annoy the Food Police! LOL My faves are the french fries and sausage and peppers sandwiches.

  3. I give you credit for being so determined to stay true to your diet. I must get on the ball, too.

  4. Life isn't fair is it. Deep fried Snikers bar? Don't think I ever had one. My downfall is the occasional takeout. Every now and then I need a GASS* fix. Dianne

    *(Grease, alcohol, sugar and salt) Dianne

  5. Good for you. I will have to do that, half a sandwich, keeps you from getting hungry in the face of fair food, been so long since I had a funnel cake. Ha, ha, I don't have enough will or won't power so must stay far enough away so I can't smell it.

  6. Fantastic photos! Brought joy to my heart.

  7. wow, that woodworking is amazing. I loved the dart game photo as well.
    You are very strong to go to the fair when walking is hard and the food is tempting. I vote for just a tiny bit of something that could fit into the plan but that you could consider a treat...maybe a caramel apple to share?

  8. A doughnut once during the month eaten slowly with a glass of 2% milk is NOT the end of the world. Dessert is a once a week enjoyment as long as you have a small slice or bowl or whatever. Life is too short for now doughnuts.

  9. I've never eaten FAIR Food....never could afford back in the day when I might have considered it....now it probably would upset my tummy. But I enjoyed your description and look forward to the photos...

  10. I'll be going on Sunday - and I will not eat any fiar food. ICK!

  11. The colors in that first photo are magnificent!

    Yes, planning what you are going to eat is really helpful -- you can make really good sandwiches that should take some of the 'sting' away. I'm not sure how I would ever avoid the fried Snickers, though.

    And I've missed something since I've been away. Did you fall? I'll go back and look at the past postings.


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