June 9, 2011


The “Tipton Quilt” is now on its way home. Photos of every block are on the “American Cancer Society Discovery Shop/Point Loma” Facebook page.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Brought a couple of wrecks home with him so he could be on time for dinner.

Herself: Lost another pound plus two tenths. Mailed the Tipton Quilt off to the Cedar County Historical Society, and hit the USPS, library, cleaners, and store after work. I felt awfully domesticated.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna. His daughter and granddaughters have now moved in with them.

I’m not a believer in the horoscopes published in the local newspaper. Yes, I still get the newspaper. And yes, occasionally I read the horoscopes as they are printed right next to Dear Abby. I always read dear Abby.

This morning, I just happened to look over at the horoscopes, and I was amused to note that mine was right on the penny today.

“You have an extra dose of courage right now, and you will use this to meet new people, make a statement in front of the group, or walk through a door that was closed to you before.”

That’s me, taking a poem to the poetry group. I’ve been missing them, but I haven’t wanted to spend hours in a house filled with kitty fur. That’s as good excuse as any for not being a very nice person and liking the hostess and house owner. After I swim this morning, I will have time to dig out a poem the group hasn’t heard. Time to figure out WW points for lunch at DuPar’s too.

Food and poetry for lunch, an old friend who has been requesting meat loaf for dinner tonight…a bit of social delight….even mid week.


  1. No Abby in my newspaper any more, so I catch her online. We have "Dear Annie," for what it's worth.

    I have seen Abby (daughter of the original) on television. She strikes me as someone I can connect with.

  2. I read the horoscope to sometimes get a laugh out them. Last month my ex who is a Cancer was warned daily about being angry and difficult, hee, hee, sometimes they are right on.

    Enjoy your company who loves your meatloaf. Show us your recipe!?

  3. Have fun. You deserve it!

  4. Sounds like you have a fun time ahead. Enjoy!

  5. We let our newspaper subscription run out...it was that bad. We are getting a woman editor though so we may resubscribe in a few more weeks. I miss the paper...don't seem to catch the tv news enough.
    Good luck with the poem and the courage.

  6. I let my subscription die off too. I miss having a real paper. I don't think the U-T counts.


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