June 24, 2011

Learning Curve

The numbering system starts all over again. I note this is #9.

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Himself: Had one left to write, but the owner of the car called him here at home at 8 then talked for an hour. He almost got sharp with her.

Herself: Walking better yesterday. All parts that might separate on any lanyard are ziptied together. Nothing will fall apart now. Thanks G.

WW foods for the day:Breakfast: Usual. Lunch: Soup and half salad with slice of bread. Way too many points on the date nut bread. Dinner at the Loving Hut….more, “way too many points”

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.
I’m learning. The most favorite camera of all is packaged up and ready to go to the shop. I’m pointing the new one at odd lots with my fingers in all the wrong places. Camera’s seem to live on every surface up here in the computer room. Or camera parts.

The lens on the new point and shoot compresses things. I’m far fatter than the image below, but most disturbing is those shelves are six feet long. Below: Photo #1.

After looking at that picture, I find that the most important thing I can do today is wear bangs.



  1. Nice to see your faces - best wishes learning the new camera, I'm doing that too, so far I think it's smarter than I am, oops!

  2. New cameras are always an adventure! Since it's summer, I have to get re-acquainted with mine!

  3. I can tell you would be a bad influence if I lived nearby. I love cameras, but I mustn't get anymore. Your setup is great. Looks like you have more than one computer too. Dianne

  4. Adventures with the camera....just when you get good at using it, the favorite one might be repaired and you have to relearn its own little quirks.....

  5. A new camera that makes you thinner...wow, I want one. Where can I get it?

  6. I also have a camera just given to me that I have to learn.
    You both look great! makes me smile!!! :D

  7. Love the picture - what a gorgeous smile! Bangs are up to you, just never, ever cover up the smile. That's beauty that lasts a lifetime. :)

  8. Taking my new camera from Yellowstone to Glacier may not have been the best thing to do. I got so mad at it several times.

    Bangs? Could be. I love your photo! I agree about the smile!

  9. I think that's a lovely photo of you!! And you don't need bangs (but that did give me a good laugh!)


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