June 27, 2011

Lite Life

Summer sneaks up on us. “Mesembryanthemum (meaning "midday flowering") is a genus of plants native to southern Africa,” says Wikipedia.

The Sidebar
Himself: Work has been a little slow, but this morning things have picked up a bit.

Herself: I can only walk about 3 hours now….with repeated time outs in soft seats. The geezer has rented me a scooter so I can roll about the fair for 8 or 9 hours this year. No more being pushed in a wheel chair.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the usual leaving us 16 points. Dinner was a #23 at our local Cocina - once cheese enchilada and two soft chicken tacos. No sour cream. No cake at the meeting tho I snuck two bites of droppings from the baking pan.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. Take a moment to watch the featured CNN interview, “THEY LIED TO US - Michio Kaku.” horrific news. This will be the grandaddy of all accidents, he tells us. Far, far, worse than Chernobyl.

I’m hoping for a quiet week. The sun should peek out around noon every day now, and it’s time to re-up a new tube of sunscreen. We didn’t buy one last year. Summer never came last year, but it looks like it’s going to peek out here at last this year..

  • My skin is browning. I have to explain this to my doc when I go in for the yearly poking. One hour a day outside. In the morning fogs too. But I have a tan. I’m not supposed to as I now have 90 year old skin from too much sun. All those years of pushing sand and dirt around with a giant broom at an indoor pool left me running for the sun when I got off work. I loved to lay on the beach watching beach volleyball and oggling the lifeguards. They probably laughed at me behind my back, but I had some really good years at the beach.

  • I’m thinking “lite” clothes for the day to go along with the lite sheets at night. Just the thought leaves me smiling.

  • Finished rewriting the piece on Hitler’s “Strength Through Joy” workers cruise ships for the last class. Editing. Yes, I could make it better. Shortened sentences strengthened the piece. I was able to make the pictures fractionally bigger which enhanced the essay. The Nazi’s Strength Through Joy movement seems so surrealistic to me today.

  • After the rather traumatic week with my camera, I’m hoping for a week when nothing happens beyond routine. Go to the gym, go to work, go to class…that sort of week. Lite. Lite food, lighter me…one can always have hope. Then again, there’s always the problem of lighter thinking. I don’t want that, do I?


  1. That photo is breathtaking! I hope your camera woes are remedied quickly!

    And yeah, that thinking thing is always a challenge!!!

  2. Hey, I thought you said I was nuts for going to school in summer, and here you are working on a paper on Hitler for goodness sakes.

    Re a trip to the dermatologist, been there done that last week. She took a sample from a supicious place on my nose which I managed to burn many times. I am sure there is a moral there. Dianne

  3. Adorable midday flowers! Such beautiful colors! I spent every weekend at the beach when I was younger. Now, never. Maybe, it's a good thing I don't now. God save my skin!

  4. Those flowers are amazingly beautiful. Are they the ones that cascade down the small valleys to the ocean? I have seen flowers like this from a distance when near L.A., but never knew what they were. I bet they would not work here. None of the great flowers do.

  5. Love those flowers! YES! A tan? That is odd.

  6. It's years since I saw those flowers. I seem to remember they would open with the sun and close when it disappeared behind a cloud.
    Summer really is here - Devon Uk. MTL feels the cold since chemo and has finally allowed me to remove the electric blanket. Hooray!

  7. Amazing flowers! We're having a sunny day today in Hawaii. It's been so cloudy for the past few days (depending on which square foot of land you're standing on the island, that is). We have micro climates. We'll need sun screen. I tan in weird ways, especially on my face. Sheesh!


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