June 30, 2011

Not On Wednesdays

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Himself: He gained a pound, but he had some good wrecks yesterday. Not overworked, “Just another Ho Hum day in paradise.”

Herself: I never got to the books at all yesterday, there were so many donations that I just pitched in and started sorting things so we could get in the back room.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the usuals. I did have a banana for a snack. Dinner was a Italian chicken sausage fajhita with a side of no fat beans. I weighed in just the same as the previous week and G did the dishes. Today swim, weight room, write, eat out….oh, hurrah.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. Take a moment to watch the CNN interview, “THEY LIED TO US - Michio Kaku.” horrific news. This will be the grandaddy of all accidents, he tells us. Far, far, worse than Chernobyl.

Wednesdays I do the book shelving at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Point Loma.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. The picture shows one wall of books….this end is cook books, and the tall shelves at the right are non fiction. Around the corner are two more book shelves holding more fiction.

Right now I’m running a paperback book sale. One kind lady donated all…yes I said that, ALL her enthusiastically read romances. Bodice rippers my librarian and author friend Kay would say…and Kay will be in town this weekend. We had so many boxes and bags of romances….all in perfect condition, mind you, that I had to stick somewhere. I printed up a forest of signs that say, “2 Paperback Books for $1.00” and stuck them all over the store.

Yesterday I came in and faced wall to wall donations. I moved bags and sorted donations so Jay, a delightful lady in a wheel chair, could get through to the books in the back room. I sorted bags of clothes while Jay priced books.

Sometimes there are a lot of books. Then I spend an hour sorting and pricing books before Jay arrives. Get the many boxes moved out of her way and those books priced. I shelve while Jay prices. Yesterday nothing got shelved tho I straightend up the shelves. The two tall bookcases that once lived up against the left wall were sold. Somehow I had through they belonged to the shop. Nope, I’d filled them with sale books, and now the books covered the tops of one big table.

I’m committed to doing books on Wednesday. I think the small bit I do for the Cancer Society gives back for all that Terry did for me, that Janey did, that Lee did, and Gene, and Harry, and Delpha, and most of all Jo and Marion. What special people they all were, and I am grateful that I am still alive to remember and give back despite my wild life.


  1. It sad the long list of dear friends you've lost. Suppose it comes with age and having lived a full life. What a wonderful deed you are doing with your book sorting. Love the bodice ripper idea!

  2. If I lived close, I'd be there!

    I think we've all lost friends and family to that dread disease. Both my parents have had cancer -- my mom had breast cancer but they caught it in time and were able to treat it with medication and is now cancer-free and my dad died of a rare type of lung cancer that appears to afflict electricians so I may be safe.

  3. Books galore. Enjoy!

  4. That's a great thing you do in the shop! Wish we had one here, I've lost friends to cancer too, so painful. Glad you are with us.

  5. Think I would enjoy working in that book store....maybe I need to volunteer in the RV park library when I go down in November...

  6. I can think of worse things to work with than huge piles of books. Just don't let any of them fall on you! Cancer touches us all.

  7. If I could, I'd be there to buy a whole bunch of those books!

  8. What a worthwhile endeavor. I almost never buy new books anymore. Most of the books I need are out of print anyway. Others recently published are available on Kindle and much less expensive. I love recycling, and have given all my giveaway books to local charity.



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