June 26, 2011


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Himself: We kept up our search for a walker with a seat…one of those rolling things with breaks, and hit a couple of estate sales in the process. Camera to shop. Mage to ACS shop to buy a real purse. He was off to a very quiet the museum. Dinner with feasters, peanuts while watching the next to last HP movie.

Herself: I followed himself happily along till lunch time. No walker so we will probably have to rent something. Camera guy said he could fix the camera. Oh, how wonderfully those words gifted my day. He went to docent, and I went to the gym to lift weights. Three times this next week. A personal trainer motivates one to new heights.

WW foods for the day: Oh, the end of the day was awful. Breakfast: Yogurt. Lunch: Half sandwich and diet coke; Dinner: 6 oz petit filet, veggies, hearts of lettuce salad a la 1954. Movie: M&M’s with an occasional peanut. Oh, guilt.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

Summer never came last year. The fogs blanketed most of the world here, and even inland temperatures were cooler than usual.

I wore sweaters all summer. Sweats all summer too. So did he. Worst of all, we left the summer percale sheets in the cupboard sealed into their plastic bags for most of the summer. With the cold, wet air blowing directly off the ocean, we didn’t need the light weight sheets. So we wallowed in the warmth and comfort of flannel most of the summer. Himself even went overboard and bought a new set of flannel, queen sized, floating sheep, just like the double set, to fit our new queen sized mattress.

Suddenly a week or so ago, he spent the nights throwing off the covers. Sweating too. I decreed that yesterday was sheet change day. He objected. Finally he gave in. Oh, the decisions….green or terra cotta colored. He grabbed the green, and after a singularly difficult struggle to get a green double sheet on the queen bottom, finally the right fitted bottom was unearthed and popped on.

All the windows were thrown open.

He threw the sheets off most of the night. I would say we were going to have summer this year.


  1. Lovely bedroom. What are you hiding out side that window ;-) Glad you are getting summer. WE never miss summer where I live!

  2. Looks great!

    We always get summer in Ohio but it's been weird so far. Usually June is nice but I'm wearing long sleeves today. Last week it was in the 90s.

    I think our climate is fighting back.

  3. You have such a great looking bedroom. Funny thing is it's been cooler in Hawaii too. Now that I think of it, we're still putting a blanket on our bed.

  4. We have a light quilt on the bed and then turn the floor fan on high.....! makes for fairly good sleeping that way.

  5. We are most deffo going to have summer. It landed in Potrero on Friday. Will be here soon.

  6. I love to have the windows open and snuggle under a sheet or light blanket. Do you like the personal trainer? I am considering that. But I would imagine it being expensive.

  7. That bed looks so comfy!

    We took the flannel sheets off a couple of months ago when we switched from heat to AC. I hate being warm at night and we've had some really crazy hot weather.


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