June 16, 2011


Above: Flying at the fair; Below: ah, comfort at the fair too, 2010.

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POTW: I thank Hilary at The Smitten Image for gifting me with the Post Of The Week award for "A good Read" for the poem I posted the 14th.

Himself: Because of the distances between wrecks, he brought them home to write yesterday.

Herself: I lost only .4 of a pound and came home depressed. Portion control….that’s the key to this, and I have been getting cocky.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast: Carrots and yogurt. Lunch: half a turkey and no fat cheese sandwich and a diet coke. At three: Diet coke. Dinner: Baked potato, no fat sour cream, green salad with avocado, broccoli, asparagus, with a no fat creamy, bacon flavored dressing that was really good.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.
I rotate things around the house. Every once in a while, I hang new paintings, I change bedspreads, so why not change out the silverware too.

Every department store including Target has a whole isle devoted to the newest, shiniest, new wave in stainless. If you go to a far fancier store, you will find the newest in silver plate or even sterling. I gave my sterling to Lenora, and I lent my mother’s, grandmother’s, and great grandmother’s sterling to Bee. That left me with boxes of stainless, G’s mother’s plate, my plate, and a delightful stainless and ebony set I picked up at an estate sale.

Over the years we have added to the Rogers colonial set until pieces are coming out our ears. We have added to his mother’s set, and we picked up a romantic set of plate for me. That’s way too much stuff for two not-at-all-social people, but there they all are in giant boxes tucked inside the German chest.

The real solution would be to be more social so I could bring out the better stuff for friends. Instead I rotate styles for us. This year or so will be the sixties, ersatz colonial stuff I got when married to PAH. That’s what I wanted originally in sterling, but mother didn’t like it, said it was too old fashioned. I liked it then, and I like it now fifty years later.

Except the knives…they rust.


  1. I love those foot things! Want one in my house!

  2. Thanks for the nudge. I've toyed with the idea of describing the flatware in my house, from the sterling to the supermarket junk my husband always used to bring home. ("It's free...")

    I'll think about it some more. I'm not sure there's any story here.

  3. My weakness is fine china, which I always bring out for my dinner parties. I also have a set of silverplate flatware.

    For every day, we use 2 sets of stainless steel flatware and very ordinary dishes. Yes, we don't treat ourselves very well. lol

    Enjoy your week.

  4. My mother-in-law had a tea cup collection. Single cups and plates in various designs. I finally realized that it makes little sense to keep them as just collectibles. We use them as often as possible. If we are not special enough to use the "nice stuff" who is?

  5. Love having different kinds of flatware. I recently go some with colored plastic handles to go with my Fiestaware. Like the idea of swapping them out from time to time.

  6. I have some old flatware that belonged to my mother and the cheaper stuff that I use everyday plus a few of the "freebies" that used to come in the mail...I have a couple of favorite forks that I use for myself! LOL

  7. I think ecclectic describes what we have here...when I moved in with mom I had my little 2 pc set of stainless that I used in my shoe box studio... and it has become our favorite!

  8. We're pretty eclectic here, too. I have a couple different china patterns -- pretty casual stuff and one really good set and three sets of stainless that we rotate. I sometimes think that instead of saving the good stuff for friends, we should be using it ourselves.

  9. PS -- When my kids were teenagers we seemed to have 'lost' many of our forks and teaspooons.


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