June 5, 2011

Under the Lights

Top of the 8th, Casey’s at bat, and we have just had our 7th inning stretch. Photo G’s cell. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Had a delightful morning estatesaling, then he was off to the new Pontiac exhibit….and he forgot his camera.

Herself: Had a ball at the baseball game. It was so good to see Cee, and other’s recognized me too. Worst of all, I forgot my camera.

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After dinner, the evenning felt like a holiday.

“What shall we do?” I asked G as a recap of yesterdays baseball game was playing on the TV.

“A movie,” he replied.

“Or baseball,” I answered back immersed in the colorful chaos that’s a baseball game. Knowing he really wanted to see a movie, I asked, “Why don’t you go see what movies are showing? There was a documentary downtown that looked good.”

I kept on reading while he went upstairs to check on movies. After a long silence, I yelled, “What’s on.” Living in a three story condo does that to relationships. One yells.

“Come up and see,” he yelled back. No niceties here.

And there was really nothing that caught our imagination not even the documentary. Leaning back in our office chairs he asked, “Well what about baseball.”

“If I don’t have to sit in the nosebleed section,” I replied.

So we clad ourselves in warm layers, drove downtown instead of taking the trolley, and found almost-reasonably priced parking. We found not-at-all-reasonably-priced tickets, found the game underway, discovered Cee, my old boss, was on break, and escallated up to our seats. Which were the best we ever had. Glorious. We were almost on the field. The Geezer could actually see facial expressions, and I could actually see players. What more could we want.

Then we won….there was some really good baseball played. Just for that moment, there was nothing more we could want.


  1. How fun to do something on the spur of the moment and it works out so well! Glad you had fun.

  2. I am glad you got such good seats and had a great time at the game! Can't get better than that!

  3. BOY you did have good seats by the looks of the photo...Glad you won, the beauty of city life eh? NOW lets talk about this, "So we clad ourselves in warm layers," WTH--its roasting here and has been for days--I wouldnt mind a layer right about now.

  4. My kind of night!! Glad you had fun!

  5. I need some pros like you to take me with you and show me how to "do" baseball.


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