July 22, 2011

Battle of the Books

Comic Con, 2010, War on the Upper Terrace.

The Sidebar
Himself: Was re-interviewed by the new boss yesterday, and the baseball tickets arrived. They seem pleased.

Herself: Finished the poem. Most like it, only a few liked the first version better.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the usual, dinner was orange soy with white rice and a slice of chocolate cake. Very ill when I got home blaming it on the cake. Headaches all day too….new med? Today swim and books with old meds.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

Comic Con has taken over the city. Some of us have other things to do, but we all work around Comic Con’s road clogging presence. I only had to pick up Kat at the trolley station, but there were crowds on the platform, and she reported even the La Mesa station was crowded with convention goers.

After reading at the poetry group, I came home to find a message from the boss at the store. Someone had brought a pile of “first edition and collectible” books in to the shop. Instead of lifting weights, I went to check them out. (Oh, guilt.) And brought a box full home too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent pricing books….not all were worth the fortune the dealer suggested. We are not putting them on ABE Books, Alibris, or eBay as the dealer suggested either; we want to encourage more folks to come into the shop, says the boss. Shelves more await me today. Worst case scenario, I will bring them all home and haul them up here to the modern computers. Medium cases scenario, I’ll price them there on their antique slug of a computer. The battle of the books begins.


  1. I wish I could bring some books to your shop. Actually, I have already given bags of books to the local Goodwill Charity. They have a big book sale once a year, which is fun if you like books.

    Those guys in the medieval costumes would die if they had to do their routine in our 100 degree heat. It must be cooler out your way. Dianne

  2. I'm sure you will price those special books correctly. If you haul the books back to your home; think of it as lifting weights.

    Glad Himself's interview went well.

  3. Comic Con sounds amazing if not outrageous. Where do they find those costumes anyway?

  4. It certainly looks like a blast. Maybe some day I will go. *sigh* Always too busy with this job during this time. *sigh* *woe*


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