July 10, 2011


Rotating art again: Above. Taken last week 2011, and Middle: Blue acrylic and pastille flowers done by my youngest Lenore. Below: the Don DeLlamas abstract is out again after 2 years, here in 2009.

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Himself: Discovered this morning that he had one more to write.

Herself: Made sheet cake….didn’t forget the oil but the batter was two different colors and two different consistancies. Found the shirts I have been looking for, short sleeved and scoop necked in black and white….you know what I wear out, at Macy’s of all places. On sale too. Saw “Larry Crowne” and really liked it. Did a last workout with my trainer, and she said I was lifting twice what I had when I began. Wonderful news.

WW foods for the day:Breakfast: Yogurt. Lunch: Half Sandwich. Dinner: Meat loaf sandwich and Tossed green Waldorf salad.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. This morning there was another earthquake and a 4 inch high tsunami.

I confess, I like to fuss with my house. By now, all of you have seen way too many pictures of my living room or bedroom or even bathroom walls. Or floors. Then every time I change it, I take more pictures.

This time, when the art was rotated, the upstairs stuff from the bedroom came down to the living room. What was kindly and soothing upstairs was just flat out bland in the living room. I was sitting in my fat living room chair yesterday, and I knew what was missing….the kapowwwwwww of more color. I even knew which piece of art would bring that color into the living room. See that colorful blue piece over there to the right? That’s what was needed upstairs.

Leaning just to the left was an old DeLamas abstract that hadn’t been out in a year. It has a dark blue background, but it is simpler than the piece I had hanging….there it is in 2009 over the bookcase in the rear. Up it came too.

Silly me. I’m cossited there in such comfort and thinking how happy I am sitting here in my own home….how comfortable I am, how much I like it too, how lucky I am to be alive to enjoy this….then I set out to change it.

Did I mention that I bought some really wonderfully rich towels at the thrift store this week? Silly me.


  1. Nice! I like what you have done.

  2. Beautiful as always. I love the yellow and blue on the right.. And I love the white slipcovers with pops of color in the room. I know I would be washing those covers every week between my 3 cats and my husband...but it is so beautiful....

  3. You remind me of my wrens. Always puttering and changing. You do have a lovely home!

  4. Gorgeous!!! No matter how much I tell myself that my home is done, something always pops up that I want to change or add.

    Lately, I'm thinking of a new/newer sofa and hanging more pictures.

  5. You have such a fine eye! I cannot wait to see you on Saturday! We shall laugh with our heads tilted toward the sky!

  6. You are such a talented home decorator. I really love that cedar chest. We had a cedar chest in Chicago, but ours was not half as nice as yours. I also like your idea of rotating art. Everything is always fresh and new again.

  7. Your home is so class and comfortable looking. And I love the blue accents in the living room. One can really see your artistic abilities in all you do.

  8. Your home is gorgeous, and nothing wrong with wanting to change it up from time to time. G is the decorator between us. I do okay but tend toward the sterile. He likes all his stuff, including pictures and knicknacks!

  9. I love seeing inside people's homes - especially homes like yours with a decor I find sympathetic.

  10. I almost never change anything. My granddaughter is making some new slip covers for my favorite old chair and that should spice things up a bit. My living room looks like dogs live here (they do). We have the sofas and chairs covered for the occasions when someone has an accident. I love your colors, blue does it for me. I also love the painting by your daughter. Dianne


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