July 23, 2011

Bring on the Hoards

Comic Con continues on while those of us not attending either pull our hair in frustration or avoid downtown. I certainly miss the chaos. Only at Comic Con does one have a chance to get some of these dramatic shots that aren’t available in everyday life.

This shot is vaguely reminiscent of the computer room right now sans order. Though I managed to fill three shelves with researched and marked new collectible first editions, the accountant needed the antique computer by noonish. I packed up all that dealers donation, and I brought it home. Bags of books. It’s the first time I think all my fabric buying of grocery bags have proved truly useful. I hauled one bag up, and G surprised me by hauling all the other bags of books up to the computer room when he got off work.

Just as our MTB has replaced their English language, trolley signs with Klingon language signs, this dealer left notes on the books that weren’t quite understandable. “This book is signed and worth $125.00.” We think not. Thirty maybe…the signiture being from a truly obscure author. Yes, I looked these up on three sites.

What I needed was a book warrior or two. Bring on the Brigades.

Bring on the paparazzi.

So we fled our lifted worries, fled our responsibilities, and we went to see Larry Crowne again. We agreed that the movie was vastly better the second time around. No gloom and doom of Harry Potter here….tho we did like the end, but light, a certain reality, and laughter produced by a well thought out film. Great casting too.

This morning, I hope G will help pull down quilts. Later he goes to the museum, and I will price books. No thoughts of dinner yet. I shouldn’t even think of foods with my figure and last night’s M&M’s.

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  1. I was thinking of you this morning. Our daily paper had an article on the current Comic Con. ("Oh, that looks familiar! Where's the dateline?")

  2. I went with to one of these with my daughter who is co-owner of a comic book, etc. shop. It's weird fun! And as always, your photos are great!

  3. I am not the comic con type, but a bit of a geek so maybe would be surprised.

  4. Your photos are really amazing Mage! What fun! We may not be able to go physically, but your photos really give us an idea of what we're missing.

  5. Wow the last shot is great. I wish I looked so good in those tight stretchy outfits. Our style section had a piece on Comic Con yesterday, "now happening in San Diego," so between you and the Post, I am now informed. Take care with the loonies in town. Dianne

  6. What fun, colourful shots. I'd be itching to be there with my camera. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. What great and cheerful shots!

  8. Oh what wonderful photos!! Love them all!
    Congrats on your POTW

  9. congrats on your POTW! that first shot was overwhelming/over-spilling/over something! :)

  10. Always have wanted to be a fly on the wall at ComicCon .. love these shots and congrats on a POTW mention!


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