July 12, 2011

Day Tripping

Agapanthus solarized. 2011.

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Himself: Got all of his wrecks done. We actually watched some laughable TV together after dinner too. He’s down to 212 from 240…28 pounds.

Herself: Talked with Bee. Ate, puttered, got a little bit done. I think I gained a pound and I am eating the same things Himself is. Grrrrr. Yes, I am reading you but not leaving notes. Oh guilt.

WW foods for the day:Today was Breakfast and lunch as usual. A banana half way through the afternoon, and steamed veggies tossed with couscous and a baked potatoe with no-fat-no-nada ranch dressing on top. Half avocado with real dressing as a salad was a shock. Made yearly doc appointment.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I like days when small things get finished. I know it sounds odd to say these acts comfort me, but they do.

I found a bag of stuffed fabric birds at an estate sale, and I sewed them into one long string. I hauled a stool into the orange bathroom, and I attached the birds to a pushpin. It was a very satisfactory small act.

Talking with Bee at 0600 was a bit of a jar, but I woke to the occasion. You would have laughed. I did. After being terribly healthy at the gym, I came home to clean off my half of the desk and start on a new poem. The piece seems very kitchy. Lacking in depth when I wanted soulful.

I have piles of books scattered hither and yon yet retreat to read mysteries over my banana and Diet Coke. If I am going to shrink to such a tiny sample, perhaps I need to dither over at Facebook.

Neilson asks what we watch, and I admitted to being shallow and limited. The Harris Poll asks only of small stuff today, and the Zoom Poll asks of even smaller things. How did I get to this stage of questions and answers and long lines of things I never do instead of stuffed birds and dithering poems which are vastly more important.


  1. The polls are more and more annoying, but easier to understand when you think about who is commissioning them. (How many want to know about your cell phone usage or credit cards? What do you think they're selling?)

    I started with what is now "mysurvey" when it was a monthly snail mail survey. Most of them screen me out now, because who is selling to old women? They are looking for the adolescent male demographic.

    And I haven't done one this week.

  2. I can't push myself of the mark to write anything of merit. *sigh* Disappointed with myself.

  3. Some days can seem so productive if a series of little tasks are completed. We recently hung a curtain in front of our kitchen (open)cupboard, thus hiding messy stacks of pots and pans. A little act, but now it all looks so pleasant.

  4. Somedays we try too hard to be creative. I don't know the answer to a mental roadblock. The mystery and banana should help, you probably need potassium after the workout. I never try to write poetry. The creative Muse is too obtuse for me. Dianne

  5. I belong to several survey sites and get some ridiculous surveys these days. So tired of financial and car surveys.
    I made pasta salad today! That's my one biggie for the day...LOL

  6. I love getting little things done too. Today, I'm working on my husband's genealogy project. It's actually a big thing, but it's going to feel GREAT when I'm finally done!

  7. Sometimes 'kitchy' is wonderful. :)

    I finally got my 'sand and shells' terrariums that had been sitting (in parts) on my dining room table. I know what you mean about feeling accomplished!


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