July 13, 2011

Ever Onward

Lifeboat, Queen Mary, 2010.

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Himself: As the weather cools he has better days. Going to be very busy today. He’s still at 212.

Herself: WW weigh-in day today. Laundry, dishes, house, and a poem yesterday.

WW foods for the day: Brreakfast and lunch as usual. Dinner was a chicken breast with avocado mango salsa, roasted asparagus, and left over couscous.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I’m not losing weight. It would be funny if it weren’t sad. I sneak in a piece of lunch meat for one point and eight cough drops at another point. My scale says 218 and the one at the gym adds three pounds. I’m not at a plateau, I am gaining.

Are you hungry, asks the Weight Watcher’s tracking form? If I get really hungry, then I’m in pain from my IBS. Ugly stuff that. What time to you feel hungry, I’m asked. Around three or three-thirty. I’ve added a banana to my repertoire. WW says that bananas have no points, but you and I know they certainly have calories.

So tho I have come to a halt, I haven’t given up. Not at all.


  1. Good luck! I sympathize, because I have similar issues with my weight. I have stopped obsessing over it, though, and still enjoy taking photos of food for my blog.

  2. I don't follow WW but I do know that when I cut carbs, I lose weight....

  3. Tough going when you plateau. I had lost six pounds when I saw my GP in June and he said I should loose six more by October when he sees me again. Ha! David is so thin he looks as if he is about to dry up. Meanwhile he finishes what I cannot eat. I think I must be like a plant, and able to make food which turns to fat, from breathing and sunlight. Dianne

  4. I am losing weight and I'm not supposed to -- maybe we should figure out how to merge our respective metabolisms and the result might make two healthy old ladies!

  5. What a bummer! There's gotta be an answer though. Have you tried a food diary? The problem with diets is that your body begins to think--since it's not getting the calories it used to I guess--that it's starving, so it compensates by storing as much fat as possible. That's why I don't believe in them. I wish I were wise enough to know what to say.

  6. Don't give up. I know how hard it is. I'm still at it, too.


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