July 5, 2011

Fair 2

Blue ribbon student photography. 2011.

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Himself: Tired. We attended a BBQ, and sat on the porch. The hamburgers were gone by the time he got to the front of the line, so he ate Bratwurst. It was a good crowd, and we had a nice little meeting on the porch. He came home and was a veggie.

Herself: Thought I had all the ingredients for bean salad but didn’t. I punted, and it wasn’t bad. How wonderful to see Kay this weekend. What a dear, powerhouse of a person she is, and how wonderful it was to see her for a few hours. I hope she survived the 4th of July parade and was able to sleep in her own bed last night. Bee rarely reads my blog, but she too was down to spend some time with her sister this weekend. They went to the Midway to watch the fireworks. Couldn’t get G out to view fireworks, so watched Washington DC, NY, and ours on TV. Hiccups yesterday and again this morning. I HATE hiccups.

WW foods for the day: Oh, dear: Regular breakfast and lunch. Dinner was a hamburger, bean salad, potatoe salad, a slice of chocolate cake, two small cupcakes, and a cake ball. I got the recipe for that. Way, way over on points. Way……

One of the stops I always make at the fair is to Flagstaff Traders. I wear their clips to hold up my hair, I wear their rings, and The Geester buys an occasional silver bug pin or two that captures his amusement.

We couldn’t afford anything this year. The silver market is so high that the tribes have begun pulling the gems and melting down the silver. No new hair pieces at all. They aren’t making them. There were rings I’d like to own, but not in my budget now at all. I saw a bracelet I coveted, but not at $300.00 bucks. We passed and took a picture instead.

Every picture has a story.

Upstairs, in the home arts section, one group of quilters was making lap quilts for wounded warriors. This one done in red, white, and blue has an added stripe of fabric that features San Diego sites. Perfect stuff for the fair.

There was an elevator, with an amused elevator operator, that lifted me into the land of quilts. And knitting, and needle point, and foodstuffs, and clothing….simply wonderful stuff this year. No place settings. I asked where they were and was told that they had a two day contest. Darn. I missed them tho. I did get photos of everything else…all covered by plastic or glass imbued by reflections. I apologize. I don’t apologize for finding the winning quilt just at the last moment…just as we were leaving.


  1. Your fair is truly magnificent!!!!

  2. I hearby resolve to get to our county fair this year. Love the photos of quilts. All that work and so beautiful.

  3. That quilt is beautiful!!!

    And your fair seems like it is so jam-packed of all kinds of great things to see! (And eat!)

  4. Once again, you have given us the photos to make us feel just like we were there too. Thank you.

  5. Sounds like a great fair. There must be some good ones around here, but I've never managed to get to one.

    Thanks for your note. I've been reading, just not commenting.

  6. Lovely pictures! I'm both glad and sad for silver's resurgence. For so long it was valuable, then its value plummeted and now it's coming back up. Sad that I can't afford new goodies but glad that the things I DO own are worth a bit more :)

  7. This was such a fun visit. Enjoyed your trip to this show and loved all the photographs. I'm having to prioritize and stay away from the goodies too.


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