July 28, 2011

Food Moments

The Lampshade Cat. 2011.

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Himself: Finds is queue really heavily loaded. Managed to get all but two revisions done before the game. We lost….again.

Herself: Had two really satisfying visits with Bee. Three hours walking around at work just about put me into a pain management clinic. Took pictures till my battery went dead.

WW foods for the day: I confess that we ate ball park food and I had Cracker Jack. More than the half cup WW allows too. What fun.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. News article about the Japanese power company and where ..."the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency remains an adjunct of the trade ministry charged with promoting nuclear power.".

I write a really good poem filled with words that will offend everyone. That’s not only the cat’s meow, it’s a lampshade cat’s meow. I actually knew someone once who put on lampshades at parties and thought they were the cat’s meow. I don’t remember laughing.

Anyway, the consensus is that it’s not fit for general consumption. Darn it. I shall take it to the Poetry Group lunch today.

We are being social again. Even with the M&M’s at the movies last week, I still managed to lose weight. Three pounds. Today for lunch, I will eat something that has humour. A tostada will give me acres of lettuce and tomatoe and none of that wonderful high fat, high carb, and high happiness factor that usually lives in Mexican foods stuff. Fats always make everything taste better.

Tonight out vegan. Tomorrow again vegan at another restaurant. Yes, you see veggies growing out the ends of my fingernails. Yes, too, I am a great proponent of low fat, low carbs, little sugar, and more locally grown foods. Yes, three, we are going to enjoy not only the healthy foods this weekend, but we will sneak a joyful piece of gooey cake in after the Sunday meeting. I get to make the cake too.

What more can one ask.


  1. I too am a believer in low carbs, little sugar, and more locally grown foods. But I don't give up the fats.

    Fats slow down the absorption of other nutrients -- especially sugars -- so that (1) you don't feel the "extremes" of sugar highs and lows and (2) you don't get hungry as fast.

    If I only eat when I'm hungry and I manage not to be hungry as much, (in theory at least) I eat less.

  2. If that isn't the lampshade cat's meow! Enjoy the food...it sounds so good.

  3. I wouldn't dare keep Cracker Jack around my house. Don't get out to ball games, so I am safe. I did eat a hot dog or two last week, but we made them ourselves. I have a couple of new hats, and I think I'm the bees knees myself. Be happy when the weather improves then I can wear them somewhere. Maybe I will be the cat's meow then. Dianne

  4. I think a poem is a poem, no matter what language is in it. It is your feelings, your voice. Sometimes our voices scream in words which offend others. They don't have to read it. Perhaps they are not feeling it. But I would guess that everyone has "bad" words screaming in their heads sometimes. Putting them onto paper is one way to defuse their power. They are just a combination of letters.

  5. Good for you! I need to be more careful about my diet. I've been a bit lax lately. Thank you for the reminder.

    Thanks for the link to Pureland. He's got a very interesting blog.


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