July 20, 2011

Hair Today...

…and still hair tomorrow

Above: There are more bangs. Below: Reality.

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Himself: See his blog for more job details.

Herself: Staying in the now. Spent an hour with as ISP help line, and you know they were no help. About ten minutes after I got out of the chat room, the computers began working again. Amazing that.

WW foods for the day: Oh, Dear. Breakfast and lunch were the usual, but dinner was at a fast food mexican place next to the theater where we saw the last Harry Potter. He ate popcorn and I ate M&Ms.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. Yesterdays comment froze me in place.

I think we celebrated yesterday. He was still employed when we came home from the last Harry Potter movie.

Mid morning they granted his vacation request giving him the extra half day he was short. Late afternoon, they loaded his queue with thirteen more to inspect many two weeks old. In the evening they asked if he wanted to go to a Padre game…..the seats belong to the owner of the company and are very good seats. He said yes. This morning, they added another five to his queue.

So just for the day, he’s employed.

Just for the day, I am too. The boss came and cut my hair, and she was surprised to learn that what she thought was a painting was needlepoint done by our friend Duck. So I showed her the three we have upstairs. She loved them. And too, she was surprised by the long bookcases upstairs. More books. Late yesterday, I actually got rid of two shelves of books….bags of them to go to the store. If I no longer read an author, out those books go. And they did. Out went piles of orts from the one corner, and everything got dusted too. We look a lot better this morning.

What I am going to do is use those shelves to display some of the quilts we have up above G’s closet.

Now if I could only make the bed.


  1. I am the one who reminds myself, you cannot copyright titles. So saying, I have two old links for you:
    Hair Today... and
    ...Gone Tomorrow

    I would have to say you look a lot better than I do. 8-)

  2. What a great picture the first one is, and what a hoot the second one is! I think the hair cut looks great on you, and I bet it's easy to keep looking good. The only trouble with short hair is that it grows longer and has to be cut again . . . and again.

  3. What fun photos and a happy kind of day.

  4. Sounds as if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and its not an oncoming train. Love your workspace, it looks so comfy. You look thinner except when you stick your tongue out. Dianne

  5. Yea, vacation, sounds like they appreciate your geezer. Loved your picts.

  6. I am glad he still has a job. And you do look good today. Keep going!

  7. Lots of good news today....more work for your husband, baseball tickets, job that seems to be staying, a great hair cut and seeing a good movie.....Great!

  8. Would like to see a better photo against a lighter background and yes, I'd like some feathery bangs for you as well...just my opinion. But it is a lovely haircut and goes so well with your sassy attitude...your poor mum!

  9. I love you hair!!!! I am vacillating about cutting mine.

    Am so glad they 'loaded up' Geezer with new accidents. I'm assuming this is a good sign?

    PS -- I know diverticulitis is nothing to joke about and is not a hobby-- however, it may seem to some that my having surgeries (particularly in the last 5 years) has become my major pastime.

  10. You are so funny, Mage! I like the bangs and the short hair. Very happy that the hubby still has a job. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  11. I like the haircut...mine is way shorter so I'm going to let it grow a little bit--too many cowlicks when it's too short like it was at the last haircut. It sure sounds as if they're courting G to keep him happy. He's good evidence of the old-fashioned work ethic of our generation; they'd be crazy not to keep him on! (I'm still out of touch for another week or two...had infusion today and leaving day after tomorrow on a short roadtrip with Hubby's bro and sis-in-law to the four corners area. Will be thinking and crossing fingers for your mental and economic health! :)

  12. I love this! I flat out love this! You are so cute!


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