July 19, 2011

Old Hair with Photo

Before hair: Note the nicely styled wrinkles per inch, and the comfortable old hair style. Photographer: Captain Poolie

The Sidebar
Himself: G’s previous boss said, “I’m glad to still be employed.” We are taking this day by day, and today G still has work. Asked his last boss about who his new boss was, and asked about vacation. Had a cyst taken out of his back and got two stitches.

Herself: Pool, write, lunch, doc office, dinner…salad and baked potatoe. Doc very pleased about weight. Me too. Stole and older photo and pleased it works for the moment. Gotta have a picture.

WW foods for the day:Breakfast: Coffee, beets, and yogurt. Lunch: Half a sandwich and a diet coke with a handful of small olives. Dinner: Salad and baked potatoe with a zero calorie/fat dressing on the salad and a garlic salsa on the potatoe.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

  • Our Internet Service Provider, (ISP), is inconveniently down. We can get mail in our inbox but not web mail. We can get here….amazing. We cannot access links, or our photohost…either of them, or all those nice little corners we like reading before the gym. I’ll post anyway and add an image later when it is running right.

  • Hair indeed. Not only was it awkwardly stringy and in my face, it was a disaster. Our store manager, who trained as a stylist, came here and cut my hair yesterday. At first I told her to leave it long enough so I could put it up out of my eyes. Finally I gave in and told her to take me into the 21st century. I like it. Short, light, and layered. I have very modern hair that brings a smile to my face.

  • I did it all yesterday including telling the doc I was beginning to forget everything….including her name and the time of the appointment. Geee. I’ve had spots burned off now, and I have my approval for the Pulmonary doc, the Mammogram clinic, and the lab for blood work. My BP is good. I’m good. And I avoided the dreaded colonoscopy for the fecal occult test that we all know is very fallible.

  • Rewrote that last poem, and now the middle of it sags. Really. I’ll work on it more today and see what happens. Maybe my ISP will reappear too.


  1. OMG! I want to see your hair! It sounds fabulous! Picture! Picture!

  2. Yes, Inquiring Minds need to see the hair.....it sounds so cute. Good luck with all the other stuff too.

  3. Yes, please, a picture of the hair. I may want to copy it; mine needs help right now.

  4. Picture, picture. Make sure it has your great smile.

  5. Of course, all the women want to see the new haircut. We are all looking for someone to bring us into the 21st Century. I agree with ruthe, your smile is the heart warmer.

  6. Fun post. Very mixed news. Good about the BP! Yeah!

  7. Good photo of you. I need Captain Poolie to come here and take my picture. Beets for breakfast? Are they cooked or raw. More details please. Hope G finds new job soon. Take care of each other and ODAT is good. Dianne

  8. I think that you look mahvelous dahling -- simply mahvelous!!!!

    And I'm praying to the computer gods to set things!!!!

  9. Yup! You'd better show us your new haircut. I really liked cutting my hair off.

  10. Better the poem sagging than...well, you know!


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