July 1, 2011


My favorite image of the horns, one which you can't get today unless you sneak by the fences and barriers to the top of the bridge house. 2003.

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Himself: Came home a few minutes early with all his work written. Tried a new North Park, vegan restaurant which was very hippyish. None of us were impressed.

Herself: A good day. No post tomorrow.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the usual, dinner was a vegan burger, too acidic salad, and gluish brownie. It wasn’t worth the points. Gone to the Fair tomorrow taking my own lunch.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I spent the day researching for my latest writing project. It would have been delightful fun but I got lost along the way. Could I find the pictures I needed for the piece? No. Could I get the backup computer to go beyond updating to give me the images I needed? No. Gee.

Finally, mid afternoon, the backup computer stopped updating itself long enough to let me in from my computer. I found some of the images I needed in last years folders. I found other images online that I need to write and ask permission to use. Usually they allow a school girl writing a report to use one or two images with permission.

I don’t think they need know I’m almost 70.


  1. I don't think it would be so terrible if people found out that the young writer is almost seventy. You are one of the examples that we never need to stop learning. Don't you wish more students in traditional environments could take the hint?

  2. I have never met anyone at any age who could not learn something new. Isn't that why we stay alive, so that we can see what is new?

  3. It's impressive that you write for permission. I waited for weeks for permission for pictures once. Then the big C period happened, it's been more than a year and I still haven't written the posts where I would have used the pictures.

  4. I imagine they were surprised that you even asked permission. Good luck with the research...

  5. I'm sure they would be tickled by your interest.

  6. Hope you get those permissions-I know what you mean about UPDATING..I am not a fan of auto updating and do my best to keep it all shust to NO when I can..lately its Acrobat Reader all the time wanting to update..I click OK, go ahead but IT DONT dang thing is nutty.

  7. I tried to comment yesterday and it knocked me out. Whaaaa!

  8. I hate it when it automatically updates! They need to know that you're almost 70 (though I find that very hard to believe!) -- and laud you for your efforts!!


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