July 24, 2011

What is....

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Himself: Went to the museum only to find the place wall to wall folks. Took me to the “Loving Hut” for dinner. The old chef is back. Yesterday a couple of yard sales plus crowds at the museum. Today blogs and puttering.

Herself: We went to two estate sales. Everything was gone before we got there. Home, lunch, I did the quilts then got two bags of books priced before he came home. Today cake, friends over dinner, and books inbetween.

WW foods for the day: Lunch and dinner as usual minus the yogurt. Dinner was orange soy and with a jicama appitizer. Jicama is the most nothing veggie in the world, but with a sauce, it’s not bad.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna. Yesterday he was down.

"...so I think it is better for old people to live on - to look forward to the next day, as if we had - centuries - to spend, - and then we live properly." Carl Jung

  • …what is Copyright: I’ve had my blogs up under the Creative Commons license. I had wanted to avoid stamping across the front of each photograph my name, number, address, city, and copyright circles which are the beginning stages of copyrighting photography.

    How do I protect my photo’s copyright is the title of this most useful article. I also had not wanted to send $45.00 bucks to the government to copyright a collection. That’s the next step.

    What I suggest is that if you want to keep a copy of someone’s photograph for an student, use in class only article or blog, just ask. You can’t use someone else’s work to make money, but you can use it if you give proper attribution.

  • How many copies of one book would be considered obsessive. Two? Three? Digging in my bookstacks, I’ve discovered that I own four copies of “The White House.” Did I think I no longer had a copy? I was right to tell the doc that I’m losing my mind. Lost is more like it.

  • Bang, bang, boom! Yes, if you bring a weapon of any sort to Comic Con, it must be checked out at a special stand run by retired police officers. If they think it too real, they keep it. If it passes their inspection, it gets a sticker of approval, and you go Booming on your way.

  • Quilts. They are out on two shelves. They smell of stale cigarette smoke. They look good, and the fresh air will help. Argggggggg….didn’t I quit smoking over
    6 years ago on a May day?

I do think it looks better au natural, sans verbiage.


  1. My sister puts something like "WOW Photos" across the bottom of her pictures.

    I don't mind that. I did mind when she put a comment right across a picture of my dad and me. It wasn't even her photo; it was a snapshot my mom took about 70 years ago!

  2. I agree with you that au natural is the best. CC is really good, but not easy to control. It only works as an honour system. The moment you want to control it or enforce it, things can get expensive.

  3. I've wondered about that copyright type printing over photos too. Some are very unobtrusive on the side, but anyone could still copy it and easily crop out the mark. I guess I can only hope that people will be honest.

  4. It is too bad that there are so many out there who would "steal" your photos for their own gain. But understandable, as you take wonderful photos!

  5. Maybe a less prominent colour at the bottom of the photo?

  6. The minute it hits the internet, it's fair game. It's easy enought to remove a color spot. Best thing is a watermark. Or use Flickr and not let anyone copy.

  7. Yes, Flicr gives you the best legals and the best quality pictures, but oh, boy, it takes for ever to download stuff. I posted this as a red flag to a dear lady who thought she could save my flower images to look at them later. LOL

  8. I've probably been guilty of posting photos that belong to others on my blog. I would never use them for profit though. I like the au natural.....
    When I have used a photo and the owner has contacted me on that; I immediately remove it...I meant no harm.


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