August 21, 2011


…reflecting more fragments from my mind.

Views from the Train: Barstow trestle. Below: detail.

  • Not that it’s a boy or a girl, but that it’s a common cold. Oh, Grrr…. No, I don’t know how I got this one or where. Yes, I’m going to keep on living my life with my face averted. No hugs. I love ya, but no hugs, no hand shaking, no compromises. I’m taking all the pills and meds and suggestions. Oh, well, I guess I will be using that $40.00 buck co-pay inhaler too. Right now I am going to drink my morning coffee and try and ignore it.

  • Sent eight pair of pants to the thrift store, a heroic act.

  • The cake is in the oven. Yes, once a week I bake a sheet cake…an adventure I had never wanted. The first two cakes were bombs. I forgot the oil. I forgot this, or that, and the cakes turned out horridly. Then I had a couple of good cake weeks. They left me feeling triumphant. Now today’s cake batter is runny leaving me to wonder what I did wrong. I musta let those few weeks of successes go to my head. Then again failing at baking is vastly better than cleaning up after 200 some drunks every week.

  • He’s checking on the cake. He’s over there singing the YMCA song. He’s a keeper even if he cackles while singing the YMCA song.


  1. Oh that crow in the midst of all those line and angles and depth makes an incredible shot. Just beautiful! I hope you're feeling much better really soon. Just pop some (odourless) garlic pills and vitamin c regularly (double up with symptoms) and you can continue hugging and handshaking ..etc.

  2. The photos....what can I have a real gift. Hope the cold doesn't last too long. Allergies are changing here...the various weed and mold counts are going up...

  3. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  4. Nice photos - and don't worry about the cakes. Compared to me, you are Julia Child!

  5. Love the photos. That sort of industrial patterning always intrigues me. Good job.

    I hope you feel better quickly.

  6. Careful there, you don't want to be sick on your trip.

  7. I just hope I don't catch a cold with all the trips we've got waiting for us. Take care! You need to stay well for your train trip.

  8. I am less likely to have a cold these days. I don't circulate as much as I once did. For years, I always sanitized my hand after I shook someone's hand. Them germs, them germs, them bad germs. Dianne


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