August 27, 2011

Bugs Of War

Views from the Train: Small park in amongst the greens.

I worked shuffling things at the store, and from the neck down felt pretty good. Just a little shaky.

Ah, but from the neck up, the Bugs Of War were at work. It was a good thing an alternate doc from my clinic called with thousands of questions and sent in a prescription for a Z-Pak and Neti Pot. As the day went on, the sinus pain diminished, but the cough and resultant laryngitis grew exponentially.

I did find a nice blue and white printed gauzy shirt and two books.

Went to a lovely new meeting right on the waters of Mission Bay. Such a beautiful setting. Afterwards we were off the the French Restaurant for deserts which we took to the beach to eat by the glow of the sunset.


  1. Sure hope you get past the sickness sounds so tiring. Love this photo...the background is so clear and the fuzziness of the surrounding area is dreamlike.

  2. I think you're getting there. Relieving the sinus congestion may cause a cough and the discomfort of drainage. But along with that is reduced pressure -- such a relief.

    Hope it all resolves soon.

  3. Hope you feel better, I've had good luck with the Neti Pot, really eases my allergies too.

  4. A lovely way to finish your day. The beach in the sunset is so nice. Our beach is flooded at present with Irene. Dianne

  5. Argh!!! Allergies are no fun!!! Glad you got some relief.

  6. Dust, what affect does dust have on your respiratory infection? Shelving old books would put you in contact with mold, mildew, and dust I would think. Makes me stop up just thinking about it. My daughter swears by Neti Pots.


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