August 13, 2011


It was a really wonderful day with a bit of heartbreak in the middle. A little insane in the beginning at the ACS Discovery shop’s 50% OFF SALE too. Wall to wall shoppers actually. Not much to do in back until it was almost time to leave. Almost everything you see in the pictures sold.

They even bought books, for which I will be forever grateful.

I added a wagon load more books too. And straightened…..and hid in the back, and priced, and straightened the books again….

After I took a brief nap, the Geezer came home, we beautified, and were off to the Automotive Museum for the Pontiac Reception. I so wished my cuz Tom could have been here. He used to work for the Pontiac Division, and I know he would have loved the show. The Captain spoke briefly, board members spoke, and we came home to…..

…Lessa visiting after helping her sister pack the U-Haul for the long move north. Lessa’s truck battery died, and SIL bought her a new one. Thank you SIL. I will so miss Lenore and Mohave. Then….

…passing on the stairs, were Lessa and Zoe going out, and the nephew, niece, and four kids coming up to see the HO gauge trains.

…more will be revealed…..


  1. Lovely items in your shop. I would have liked to come visit. Also, plastic boxes look intreiging. I think I will buy some for David.

    Hope you can get up north to see your daughter and grandaughter soon. I know it is difficult to be far away. My oldest son and his family are in San Diego.

  2. You have been busy!!!I hope you can get up to visit your family soon!!!

    And I'm glad that I don't live near your shop -- I'd be there adding to my already over-stuffed home constantly!

  3. great pictures! looks like a busy day for you.

  4. What a lot you got accomplished in just one day! Congratulations!

  5. Sounds like you needed a bookmark just for your day! WOW! Nice to see you last night, my dear!


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