August 26, 2011

Friday Lite 107

Portland OR train station clock tower.

  • The “Cold.” It’s been seven days so I shouldn’t be contagious. I feel pretty good…all but one sinus. I’m going to work at the store. I will keep rinsing it out. We will see how that one sinus is by Monday, but I should be able to get back into the water by then.

  • Next yearly doc: Pulmonary surgeon says my pulse is booming. Everything is great! Yes! Still waiting on the mammogram results, but I would think they would call if there had been a problem.

  • G’s pretty good today too. He likes his wrecks, but he doesn’t like this weather. It’s in the hundred’s inland and eighties at the beach. Yes, his office is air conditioned, but he still has to get out of it once in a while.

  • Yes, do not laugh, I still keep a paper appointment and phone book. Appointments: If the book is right there, in front of me, written down, I can do it. Unless I write it down, I forget it. Phone numbers: I’m not much for mobile phones. I’m grateful I own one as my truck is now 17 going on 18 years old. I’m not much for phones any more either. Too many years spending eight plus hours a day trying to get Repair Orders out of Automotive dealers. So few phone calls now. But I’m the proud owner of the messyest phone book known.

    I’ve been sticking phone numbers on post-its and jamming them in the book for years ad infinitum. Pretty bad, messy end results.

    Yesterday I started putting them on the computer. AND printing them out to put in the book. It’s amazing how nice the printed pages look….and I can find people too.


  1. Funny you mention post-its. I keep them everywhere and one day came home to find my new puppy covered with them. He hates the post-its, they interfer with his lap time. Dianne

  2. I have an appointment book on my desk too. Always.

  3. Like you it is hard for me to go digital with appointments and phone numbers. I was even thinking the other day I should be a rolodex...boy would that make the folks at Staples fart laughing.

  4. I meant buy a rolodex...I doubt I could be one with my memory.

  5. I do have a cell phone and it has over 130 numbers stored in it, not that I call that many people. I've never been able to recall phone numbers except for the one my grandma had when I lived there around age six. EMpire 9508. There's an antique for you. It was later changed to BElmont 6-9508. That's it folks. I also have a paper calendar & phone book in my purse, it has addresses of family and close friends, so I can mail postcards, etc. when I'm away from home. Then I have a book type calender I keep on my desk. And post-its everywhere. I use the post-its to keep track of book titles, daily chores, sites I want to look up, groceries lists, and I also fold blank ones in half and use them for bookmarks. Sounds awkward but it works for me.

  6. I much prefer a REAL address book but husband insists on putting all new info on the computer. I hate that! So when I remember, I jot down the new address or new phone number and keep it for myself!. LOL

  7. I've decided that I need to start keeping a hard copy of phone numbers somewhere. When my purse was stolen (and my cell was in it) I lost a LOT of phone numbers. Yikes. I don't think I ever recovered all of them.

  8. I have addresses on the computer and in a paper address book. I use the paper copy far more than I use the computer. I love the post it notes in mine. I remember the story of every one of the post-it's. I need to redo mine too but ca't bring myself to do it. It would be like getting rid of old friends.

  9. I'm sure they would have called if anything looked amiss. I'll never forgot my dreaded callback day last year (in February); it was the same day, only I missed the call because we got home late in the day after the offices had closed!


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