August 7, 2011


We are still cleaning out the garage.

Why did I save a hundred or so ball point pens. I remember each pen but no longer use them. All those family photos in their crumbling frames. Out the frames go. Save the photos to be scanned. Art supplies. I kept the pastels, the pens and inks, the watercolors, and the acres of colored pencils. They fit now on two shelves. Two giant boxes of my sketch books go back on one shelf. Camping gear fits on another shelf. Did I tell you that we don’t camp? My drafting table goes out. I haven’t used it since we moved in here.

G glances at everything and puts things in piles to sort through later. I pull something down and sort now. We are both making headway despite our disparate styles. As we sort, the laundry goes round and round.

This morning first thing, we pick up a helper and take Bee’s chopping block to her mothers. We haven’t used that here either.

The HO gauge trains pile high. Both nephews and niece want one or two. We have hundreds.

Today the cake is in the oven for 20 more minutes. I can type this in ten, pull the cake out of the oven, and make it down to this days tasks in the garage….discarding art.

The vehicles spent the night on the street, and I woke with my mind filled with nightmares of a garage unfinished. We will finish cleaning out the garage today…by four. There is no “or else” today when we discard the detritus of all these lives including ours.


  1. The memories are probably as varied as the items stored in the garage. It's fun to see those old treasures but so difficult to let some of them go...even if you don't use them or need them. Hope the garage is soon a place of beauty and handyiness (that is SO a word!) Love the blue and yellow picture

  2. And I thought I was a packrat!!!!

  3. Moving every few years has its advantages. You are forced to make choices about what to keep, waht to leave behind. Also, I have found having college age kids and grandkids helps. My granddaughters each took gobs of stuff with them. Now they are graduating and returning home, but the stuff is all at Mom's house. Dianne

  4. A good purge is necessary every now and then. Good luck!

  5. Nicely writtne, Mage. Good luck!

  6. You will feel so good afterwards and your children will bless you.

  7. I sure would have liked to be there to help you! I love finding old treasures that really just translate to links to yesterday.


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