August 23, 2011


...views from the train.

Heading north out of LA, leaving the kite surfers behind, we head into the unoccupied lands of Vandenburg Air Force Base. Vandenburg does have miles of interesting missile silos and even more miles of rolling dunes at the sea's edge.

Those aren't boats in the water in yesterday's image, those are people on surfboards.

Me: In bed sleeping.


  1. The California coast is so diverse and wonderful! Good on you, lady!

  2. I so love the CA coast.

    Hope you are well, Maggie!

    BTW -- had a 5.9 earthquake this afternoon. I moved pretty quickly for a lady just out of abdominal surgery!

  3. My Uncle Laverne was stationed at Vandenberg for years. I wonder what he was doing? Dianne


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