August 1, 2011


Lessa and Lenora in Mother’s chair, early 1960’s.

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Himself: Helped make a cake, got me up and going off to “Cowboys and Aliens.” What more could one want.

Herself: Last week at the end of the day I was 217; this week at the beginning of the day I am 213.5. Not only does the hot tub at the gym have something fishy happening, so does their scale. The KEY trust finally closed and was disbursed. G and I thought they might hang on to the money forever, but there it was in the mail box. All those generations just waiting.

WW foods for the day: Yesterday’s breakfast and lunch were the usual. At the movie I ate a bag of M&Ms, and for dinner it was a 6 inch Subway ham sandwich with potatoe chips. I also got to help lick the cake pan after it was cut. I shouldn’t be losing weight at this time, but I am. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

This is not only the month I do all my yearly doctor’s stuff, it’s also when my eldest daughter has two weeks off between semesters, and we, hopefully, will be able to leave on our already paid for September vacation. Then too, it’s the month I say good bye to my youngest daughter, Lenora, when she moves north to Oregon.

Lessa was a handful from birth, and Lenora was an easy baby and delightful tho strong willed child. Now that the roles are reversed, I try hard to stay out of Lenora’s way while keeping my mouth shut. For some of us this is a far harder thing to do than anything else. Both Lessa and I are teary about this parting.

“You are only a phone call away,” says Lessa.

“You are only an email away,” says mom.

She doesn’t call or write me, so I know that I will be facing many silent years of no news and worry. Doubly about her daughter, Mohave, whose opinions about us are based on her mother’s. Now it’s much like the years that Lessa disowned me and lived homeless on the streets. I tried to stay out of Lessa’s way then too. I never stopped loving her. My goal now is not to put Lessa in the middle. That’s a cruel
thing to do. But I’ll never stop loving
Lenora either.

Lenora and Lessa riding a bike on Lotus Street, 1980’s.

Lenora at the Arizona Memorial, HI, 1980’s.


  1. I hear ya!!!!!! Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had or loved,and it never ends. I joke that it's a life sentence.

  2. You can never get it right and you always get it wrong. But it is still the most wonderful job in the world.

  3. Look at what we manage to accomplish as mothers, without a user's manual!

    I was always happy that the difficult child was born first. The second one was so easy I would have thought there was something wrong with the first... (Oh, wait a minute, there is.)

    I still say the three of them are my proudest accomplishment.

  4. Even being the mother of only one child can be a trial of errors. I hope you can keep in touch with both of your daughters. Good luck with that.

  5. I think we crossed wires today. We do continue to be mommas don't we. Take care and enjoy what you can, like that nice upcoming vacation. Dianne

  6. I hope my 2 daughters continue to do well in life. Knock on wood!

  7. I know all about a daughter who wants little, if anything, to do with you. It bloody hurts.

    Mothering is not the most wonderful job in the world, it's the one that kills you.

  8. I hope this all goes well. If you want to talk it out over coffee, let me know.

  9. There is just something about mothers and daughters. I don't think that anyone has it totally figured out yet, although many have tried.
    If you do, you will be rich and famous. Until then, we all do the best we can with what we have.
    Take care of yourself.

  10. You have two beautiful daughters who look like they were handfuls of fun when they were little. Funny how they are their own kind of people. We can't mold them into what we'd like them to be. I certainly learned that with my two kids.


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