August 10, 2011

Pain (EDIT)

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Himself: Arranging for the HO gauge trains to be picked up here, to transport trains there, and for the niece back east to get a few trains too.

Herself: Finished off a couple of books in my “to read” pile.

WW foods for the day: I ate over it all yesterday with nuts number one. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

It’s been a very painful week for me. Not only did the new prescription medication, Tramadol, slowly cease working, it increased the pain in the leg until I couldn’t stand much less sit in comfort. I was in growing agony from the once broken ankle through the damaged knee through a spot mid-graft up to my hip. I have a similar reaction to another pain med, Lidocane. This old fashioned med vastly increases pain rather than numbs, and the pain sticks around about a week.

Cleaning the out garage was triple challenge….add a giant canker sore.

I stayed home from the pool Monday and squeezed in the designer and dentist. Stayed home Tuesday too. Monday I thought it just needed a break. Mid afternoon I had one of those light bulb moments, and instead of taking the second Tramadol I went back to Aleve. Within hours the pain began to fade, and I began to feel human again. By bedtime, I was human. Tuesday I stayed home with my leg elevated reading and doing laundry.

I obviously need a watchdog for medication reactions. As I get older, I’ll get more meds in my morning pile. We can’t count on my own light bulb moments to solve these problems. I’ve called the doc, and we will see what happens.

(Edit): Aleve causes stomach bleeding. Even worse, the prescription version is addictive. My friend Dr. Lee, who died recently, helped invent the drug and firmly admitted that it was addictive. Since I have IBS and have had an ulcer in the past, I am very wary of using Aleve in any dose. Unfortunately, it works.


  1. I understand. I've taken putting my meds next to my computer so I won't miss them totally 'cause Jiminy Cricket is getting old and forgetful, too.

  2. It is amazing to me, how many doctors prescribe something when an over-the-counter analgesic will just as well. (Better, for you.)

    I think a lot of doctors get taken in by the advertising, as well as a few other tricks the salespeople have. Fortunately, my doctor and I agree on "try the simplest fierst."

  3. Sounds perfectly awful. Glad to hear you got the pain under control. Hope it continues so. Yes, keeping a log and monitoring your meds would be good.

  4. Be careful. David's sister died at the age of 52 from internal bleeding due to long term over-dosing of Aleve. I believe two Aleves is the maximum that can be taken daily. She took more than that.

  5. I feel your pain. Actually, I feel my pain and can commiserate. My friend BJ called to ask where I was. I missed the pool for a few weeks now. A variety of excuses. I hope you get back soon. My daughter swears by Aleve. Dianne

  6. I take Aleve but only when something milder doesn't help.....

  7. I've never taken Aleve. So far....Advil is my best friend. Hoping that holds for another few years.

  8. Be careful when using Aleve, but you are right, it does work, if it doesn't kill you.

  9. I'm so sorry you're in pain, Mage. I sure didn't know that about Aleve. I have a friend who has a giant bottle of it. Wow!

  10. No, and I never, ever eat in between the meals. I control it well enough and with no pills, and I sleep seven hours a night. I go to bed. I fall asleep, and I wake up seven hours later, and this is the most important.


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