August 20, 2011

Saturday Lite....

…reflecting the fragments of my mind.

Views from the train: Views of the Train.

  • No, we aren’t leaving immediately on our vacation. Yes, we are leaving on our “Round the USA” train trip at the end of next month. Yes, we are doing the planning now so we don’t sink under the weight of our confusions when we arrive at the various destinations. Since I obviously have a communications deficit, I start early. So does the Geezer. San Diego, LA, Portland, Chicago but not Milwaukee as we didn’t know the train stopped there, and back via LA to San Diego. Unfortunately we will be missing Washington DC and New York City, double darn. We can only do so much with the time available.

  • I continue to get complements on my new hair style. “Perky. Cute. It suits you.” That sort of thing. Not “sexy.” Darn it. G got a hair cut yesterday. Perhaps the word “military” would express it well. He obviously went to a USMC barber. High and tight is a great description. He tells me his beard will be shorter this morning too. He will look much more professional with his trimmings.

  • Books=dust. What can I say. I discovered last night that some of my very favorite books have developed fuzz. Mold fuzz which grows on dust fuzz. I attacked the worst at eye level last night, and instead of quilting today I will kill mold and deflower dust while the Geester is working at the museum. I thought Marta was dusting them. Perhaps they are so far above Marta’s height that she cannot reach them or see the dust. I make excuses. The books will eventually have to go into the trash, but for now they will turn into readers. G says he pays her, I will have to tell her she isn’t getting the dust. I cringe.

  • Bedroom progress: The lamp shade is off to the lamp shade person. The chair, camel saddle cover, and rosewood chair seat are all off to the upholsters. Only after they left did I have a moment of pause. I opened the door and let them in without knowing who they were. I let them carry things off without checking who they were….all because they arrived at the right time, knew what they were doing, and were a cheerful lot. I suppose I should be vastly more paranoid now that we are in the 21st century. Checking ID’s? Asking for a business card? I too need to be more professional about things like this.

  • We saw "The Help" last night. We were both deeply moved. I seem to be the last at the Cancer Society to read the book or see the film. The theater was jammed. The crowd applauded at the end of the film. They left quietly. I remember this reality; I remain horrified by this reality.

  • G’s lost 35 pounds while I’ve been attending WW. I’ve officially lost 20 pounds and am in a holding pattern. Do you suppose things like the scone I had Thursday…with real butter, and the four Chinese almond cookies plus the M&M’s yesterday could be contributing to this?

  • You would be proud of me. My very best, Nordies fully lined, dress black slacks bag and sag on me. I was going to get them cleaned and keep them because they fit at the waist. They don’t fit anywhere else, so why should I keep them? Baggy is not in style. Deep pleats a la Marlene Dietrich are not in either. If my eldest can get rid of acres and bags of clothing, I should be able to banish my best pants.

  • Did I say that I was very proud of my eldest daughter's new ways of thinking?

  • I’m trying on all my pants after I kill the dust and mold. Ruthless is me.


  1. Aw, Mage, count me as one of the confused. I thought you had already embarked on your train trip. So, it's going to happen at the end of September? Can't wait. I've been to the east coast, but never to Chicago and Portland, so I look forward to seeing your posts.

  2. Be ruthless with your dust. It's nasty stuff. And both you guys look wonderful - especially YOU with your sexy haircut!

  3. I'm glad you are so looking forward to the train trip. I know you both will enjoy it to the very fullest.
    Congratulations on losing the weight. I know the feeling of holding on to clothing that used to be very special.....because someday you think you will need it again....or be able to wear it.

  4. You are really busy today. I have been tackling the book cases one week at a time. Rita cleaned the one in the living room the parrots had used for nest making. Many dust jackets in shreds. I am a bad Mommy. Parrots are confined. Dianne

    PS congrats on the pants.

  5. Good for you. It's such fun to try on clothes knowing it's probably time to buy a size smaller.

  6. I'm all for perky these days since I'm often tired. I have to watch it because my pants are getting tighter. Sheesh! Thanks for the review about The Help. I'd really like to see it.

  7. Maybe your "cold" in the next post is a result of all the dust and mold. I found the dust got to me when I was packing books to give away.

    Congratulations on the pants. Celebrate every time you fill a bag to give away. I do!

  8. I clicked in to say exactly what Ruthe already pointed out. Aha! It's not a cold, but an allergy to dust and mold. I had shots for 3 years for that, and got better. Ask your doc.


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