August 28, 2011


…good things happen.

Tossing and a turning.

My daughter Lessa is having an exceptionally bad time of it with school. Because she failed math twice, all her funding was cut and her job was cancelled. The failures had brought the number of units she carried below the minimum needed to maintain her fundiing.

My biggest wish would be that her school board not only would recognize her excellence in school through her grades, but that they would also recognize that there are four generations in this family with learning disabilities and grant her a waiver for math.

Her two past teachers plus tutors are now tutoring her. Her sponsor has come through with money. There will be an appeal before the school board. Her mother and her Geezer Dad have come through with a little cash too. Just as an added bonus, she needs to drive south out of the heat to pick up her money.

A little sun and cool air at the beach will help a too.


  1. The other day I read that if you are good at Suduko your crossword skills are not so good and vice versa. (I have trouble with both, but love Scrabble.) People are different. Perhaps Leonora needs an affirmation or mantra, "Math is good, I love math"? It helped me. Dianne

  2. How I do hope your daughter will manage to get the waver. We do not always need to judge people on how they jump through the hoops, but through their dog-headedness and willingness to do their best. I'm sure that Lessa has a great number of brilliant attributes. Math might not be one of them.

    This reminds me a of quote of Einsein's,

    "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."

    Don't we all feel at times we are just asked to climb trees?

  3. Best wishes to Lessa and to you. It's painful to see your child trying but seemingly getting nowhere.

  4. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers. It's rough to see things like this happen to people we love.

  5. My granddaughter has a math disability, also. She does very well in everything else, but even with tutors and her father's help all through her schooling, her math problems continue. I hope Lessa will be able to overcome.

  6. Hope all the appeals and help do the trick. She certainly has tried hard to do the required work.

  7. Keeping good thoughts and prayers for Lessa!!!!

  8. I absolutely love that picture. Is it a painting?
    Good luck to your daughter. I don't understand how anyone would think that cutting all of her supports would make things better. It just begins a spiral down. Glad she has others to lend a hand,


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