August 6, 2011


Lenora. A last view. 2011.

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Himself: It was hot out there, and they have overloaded him again. He brought much of his work home to finalize here.

Herself: Swim Books, sort and price, bought a second pair of size 18 pants, ran a broken bracelet to be soldered, Stopped my L’s, read, dinner, et al.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast and lunch were the same as usual. At work I had a cupcake and a cookie….ah, guilt be my conscience. Dinner: Chicken salad with no fat mayo which kept us within our points allowance for the day. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

On the way to get George’s mother’s bracelet mended, I went by the back of my daughters house. I wanted to say goodbye. I wanted to hug everyone and tell them I loved them. It was all locked up. After my double stop downtown which included a visit to Belle Maison about getting the barrel chair recovered, I drove by the front of the house. The door was open.

Perhaps they had not planned to say goodbye to us. I could not let them go without a goodbye from me.

I scratched the dog who seemed ecstatic to see me, I hugged daughter and granddaughter…twice even. I said the magic words, “I love you.” I was ignored by the SIL. I was followed out to the truck, where I suddenly remembered I had my camera with me. No one was happy. Only SIL seemed to want to make the geographical. I took a few pictures and left them to their packing.

Lenora stifled her tears, and I wiped mine away with my sleeve.


  1. Not knowing the particulars, I think you did the right thing. It is always best to say I love you to your own flesh and blood.

  2. I agree with gigihawaii. Even my husband knew.

    When my daughter and her husband moved across the country, they came to see us one last time. My husband was not sure just why they had to go...but he knew enough to get up and kiss her goodbye.

  3. Aww I'm glad you said what you did. The only way to fly. "I love you" is NEVER the wrong thing to say - unless it's that you DIDN'T say it.

  4. This photo is lovely. It is painful and full of love and regrets and memories and all that is important in life. I am sorry for the stress, but this pain also means you have a rich life with those you love.

  5. Those geographicals are very hard on everyone. Congratulations again for the weight loss. Guess I gotta try the points system again. Dianne

  6. Oh, sweetie! I am so very sorry this was such a painful time. I am holding you in my heart. Blessings.

  7. A big congratulations on your weight loss.

    Don' t know the situation with daughter but it was easy to spot the person with a very active mother's heart. You did good.

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  9. Absolutely you did the right thing.


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