August 3, 2011

Watery Moments

View From a Train Trip: Seattle ferry.

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Himself: Hot day, and too many wrecks. He brought some home to finish in the cool air at the beach.

Herself: That tomato tart was a huge hit. Not only did it look good, but it tasted great. Stuck the Key check in the bank and bought a pair of Chalcedony and silver earrings that I’ve been oggling for months. Lovely pale blue things.

WW foods for the day:The usual breakfast and lunch plus the tomato tart for dinner. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

I run through my morning PT exercises and pool workout keeping it to half an hour. Suspended….in the deep end of the pool. Any longer, and I can’t walk well later. I clamber from the pool to the hot tub and do three more of my exercises there.

The sun is out now, and these lovely mornings are a gift that helps keep me getting in the water. The color of the water is the palest of turquoise, and the sunlight glints on the ripples throwing sparkles to the bottom of the pool. Everyone smiles and calls my name…I like this and wave back. There’s a new group of swimmers that are trying out the Y. They come from the Plunge which has been closed, and many remember me from the days I worked there. They too know my name.

My body thinks any temperature is too cold, so when I get in I turn my back to all those nice little ladies in case I swear. And I’ve been known too. Then I grab my noodle and head just past the conversations.

Then they talk. They chat. They chatter like magpies. The teacher calls an exercise change, and they move right along with her while never pausing in their talking. Recipes are exchanged, and for a while everyone was talking about the Quieter Home Program and their new windows and doors. When they jog end to end in the pool, they keep on talking. The jumping jacks are just spurs to a louder voice or two. They even manage to continue the conversations and laughter while they are doing their knee lifts flat on the surface.

Perhaps today I will bring the success of the tomatoe tart with me. Many of these ladies don’t cook any more, and these few minutes of prep and 30 minutes in the oven make for an easy meal. If nothing else, they will all cheer me on before going back to whatever they are talking about. Leaving me smiling, of course.


  1. Where's the picture of your new earrings?

    I'll have to find you a picture of my daughter's new earrings -- most unusual.

  2. Lovely bit of writing. You are so lyical. I have been remiss in pool visits. You insprire me to get back in the water. Thanks, Dianne

  3. Sounds like a winner of a day!!! I'd love the recipe for tomato tart!

  4. The tomato tart sounds even better today than it did yesterday. I would also love to see those new blue earrings...they sound so pretty.

  5. What a lovely community to belong to. This might make a nice sit com for us old folks!

  6. The recipe for the tart is on a link on yesterday's entry. :)

  7. I thought you said tomato FART and I laughed heartily. With great abandon!

  8. Sounds like a wild group you've got there. I'll bet they'd get a big kick out of your tomato tart.


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