August 29, 2011

Yin and Yang

Imagine. Clickity clack.

Lessa is doing better. I regretfully have an return appointment for a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound. The pulmonary surgeon says my pulse is roaring so the graft is holding well. I have an appointment with the bone doc and am taking G. Yin and Yang.

G is off to work, and I am off to buy windshield washer fluid before the day get’s too hot. I did buy dinner tho I can’t remember the meals I planned. I work on a poem about wasting money. The first of the new/used books I bought for the trip arrived Saturday, and I’m having a terrible time ignoring it. Yin and Yang again.

Sometimes that’s ok too.


  1. Sounds like a full schedule. Love your photo, I hope to take my next vacation is on a train. Glad Lessa is doing better. One of my dyslexic sons took a math class over three times before he passed it. When the two of them were in high school, we'd have to go in and explain the dyslexic situation over and over. As if they don't have enough of a hurtle already. My eldest has no "visual memory" so his brother and I read all his texts to me, fortunately he has an amazing memory, and he got permission sometimes to take his tests orally. Hand writing was not his forte. Unlike when I was in college, they replaced his failing grade with his new "B." Kudos to Lessa for persevering.

  2. Oops! Read all his texts to HIM not me.

  3. I don't know the full background story about Lessa, but hope she is doing well. You post such wonderful photos. I love the art in the previous post.

  4. I'll say my prayers that the followup test say all is fine.

    Sending you and G. loving thoughts.

  5. Yin and Yang, my two favorite people. Happy to hear Leonora's outlook has improved. Dianne

  6. I just read a Consumer Reports article (maybe it was AARP) on how most of the tests we take as we age only lead to more conflicting tests and treatments without resolutions and that the majority do not result in a correct or useful diagnosis. I am slowly considering halting all these tests as I age.

  7. One of my boys was non acandemic and I am as proud of him as his academic brother and step- brothers.
    Good luck with the mammogram we have a follow up colonoscopy coming soon.

  8. Good luck with the follow up. I'm sending best thoughts your way.


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