September 10, 2011


I woke and was sitting cross legged near the edge of the bed over there by the bookcase. The Geezer was getting ready to go to work, and I pushed the on button for the TV.

It was my birthday, and I was anticipating doing something nice that evening. Instead of thinking birthday, I now sat mesmerized before the TV. The horror of it all, and the years of war that followed took away any sense of personal celebration. This is the first year I have been able to watch images of the new Tower One, the memorial plaza, and even some films of the collapse of the twin towers.

I shan’t be posting on my blog tomorrow. I’ll be remembering. I’ll be keeping all those in the towers and those who have gone to war in my thoughts.

What were you doing on the morning of 9/11?


  1. I think I've already posted about 9/11 at a site you read. I have never been at peace with it. There is no rhyme or reason.

    Terrible physical damage was done to the U.S., but we try to rise above it. Terrible psychological damage was done to the image of the Muslim world, and we may never come to grips with that. And I weep.

    I hope you can get to enjoy your birthday; otherwise you will have to choose a new one.

  2. I was working in a Federal buildidng in DC. David was in a building next to the Pentagon. Never forget? I wish I could. Dianne

  3. Happy Birthday. Can not imagine never being able to celebrate it again.

    We will all be remembering where ever we are in our living rooms when the event occurred and shook the whole world...

  4. Mia woke me with a phone call to tell me I needed to get up and turn on the television. It was well underway by then and the stories were unfolding with horror. I will never forget it. Mia and I traveled to Ground Zero six months later. It was...amazing.

  5. Sorry about your birthday, tomorrow is one my granddaughter's 12th birthday. Bless us all.


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