September 11, 2011


Tugster posted a link to this marvelous gift to not only New Yorkers, but to all of us. Tom Hanks narrates this video. In these moments, you can catch glimpses of this larger than Dunkirk evacuation of over 500 thousand people from the edge of lower Manhattan in nine hours on 9/11.

I was terribly moved when I saw this and wanted to share it with you. This morning the Geester, Lessa, Zoe, Bee, and Mikey all started my day with a laugh. Those too were wonderful gifts on a day when we pause to remember others.

Fireboat John J. Harvey and 9/11


  1. Thank you. Somehow, it's what I would expect of New Yorkers.

    It is a pity that the Muslim terrorists just don't understand Americans and how we operate. It is a greater pity that the gulf between us, created by feat, got wider.

  2. Sorry, I didn't preview. "created by feaR..." of course.

  3. The spirit of Dunkirk lives on.

  4. Great film. It is inspiring. We all need to remember.


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