September 19, 2011


Views from the Train: Heading to LA on the Surfliner in business class, 2007.

Yesterday and Today
Himself:He puttered his Sunday away. It was kind of fun to hear him moving from up to down, or here and there. Counting socks and charging batteries.

Herself at Day Tripper and Herself Quilting: Started out to have a simple dinner and ended up being too full two nights in a row. Handed over the cake duties to a new lady who just got laid off. Laid out clothes. Today I have a pile of tiny calls to make: renew prescription, make an appointment sort of things.

All the security experts now say, don’t talk about your vacation online in advance. They say there are unscrupulous folks that will find your home through your online postings and rob you while you are gone.

So now, I can’t comfortably raise the flag and tell you what day I’m leaving with my usual enthusiasm. I’m loathe to post pictures from the road, and I’m not blogging from hotels. No big Facebook fuss either. What a new world this is. I can see this. It cuts some of the fun out of the trip, but if my house is intact when I get home that’s good.

Then again, maybe not new. When my mother took trips, she hired a security company to drive by and check the house out several times a day. It was a big house near the border, and illegal immigrants often walked through her back 40 to get from here to there.

Now almost forty years later, We do things like use timers on the lights, notify our security company to do walk bys, and we have neighbors front, back, and side keeping an eye on things too. But, unlike our friend the Captain, off on a desert jaunt, I’m not trumpeting our departure time or our arrival home time. I’ll just stop blogging here in the next day or so and just fade away into our trip. I don’t want to, of course, as I’d rather share with you each exciting moment of the departure…and of the trip as we go.

You can see us now….clothes on the doors, umbrella in the backpack, batteries charged, socks lined up on the dresser tops…..


  1. I refuse to live in fear...

  2. I know it is supposed to be a security measure. But we have housesitters and good neighbors so hopefully when I start posting from won't alert the media!
    Bon Voyage....and have a fun trip...whenever it is that you leave.

  3. Have fun and I hope you don't worry.

  4. Housemate and two dogs here while I was gone. Different situation for you. Damn!


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