September 13, 2011

Thursday Lite

Views from the Train: Forest the Skunk Train in Northern California.

  • Shot: I had this done one time before. This time they have far more elaborate plans in effect among them no food, and no driving. I must have someone with me. I can deal with the rest but not the no food. Not with IBS. They gave in. I asked G to drive me. They are laying off at his company again, and I am worried. He’s driving me anyway. Last time I ate, and I drove. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. Ah well.

  • Still struggling with the newest Nazi Architecture piece. G says it doesn’t flow. I think the ending seems to be lead….pulling the whole thing down after it. I’ll look at it again after swimming. I should dig around and find a controversial architectural style in the US, but I can’t think of any but the boring federalist stuff.

  • Thunder and lightning this morning. I’m going swimming anyway.

  • We reviewed and signed off on the plans for The Quieter Home Program yesterday morning. The upstairs heating and air unit will be in the computer room ceiling. The downstairs unit will come out right in the middle of the dining room wall. We are talking ugly. Now we will have to find a way to hide it, and so will not have heat or air. Somehow ugly doesn’t seem a design successful solution.


  1. Oh my, you are having a difficult day. My younger sister has IBS, so I know something about it. She is also Epileptic has neurapathy from chemo, and just had her hemmeroids banded, so she has trouble sitting before the computer screen. She is only 67.

    Good luck to G and his fickle firm. Take care of yourself. Dianne

  2. That's a lot of snafu-isms going on....hope it works out favorably for you both.

  3. Take a look at Mies van der Rohe. His stuff caused a controversy in Chicago, especially when all the glass leaked. If you take the EL around the loop in Chicago you'll see all the stuff Mies fought against. I'm not defending him.

    Good luck to G. I hope nothing happens to this job.

  4. Oh my gosh! What a day! Hope by the time you read this it all worked out well!

  5. Oh you ARE having a difficult time. I'm so sorry. I know that IBS is challenging and hope the shot works immediately and well!


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