September 20, 2011

Tuesday Lite

In the early morning, three engines and trains wait for the first LA run of the day.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: It was Monday Lite for him workwize yesterday. Got home early.

Herself at Day Tripper and Herself Quilting: Quilted. That was my afternoon. Today measuring meds and packing the non-essential stuff as I am going to be vastly too busy for anything tomorrow. Today too, finished off the Blue Quilt last.

  • The Shot: Now we know that the shots last about two weeks. I’m left with questions one of which is why didn’t the first shot years ago work, and the second is what can I do to make these shots last longer. I’m not a fan of pain without pain pills especially when the pain ends up going from my neck to my ankle. Sitting at the sewing machine and at the computer makes things worse.

  • Quilting. Not all the corners of all the blocks met, but I am to the stage with this piece that I don’t care. It’s a terrible attitude. Half the long strips are now sewn together. I’ll finish this part of the top construction today and put the quilt away until we return. Of all my quilts, I like the “House Quilt” best. The individual blocks are not boring, and boring is my enemy with this quilt.

  • Aaron called in the middle of my quilting. There was this voice I didn't recognize from far, far away Afghanistan....a pause....."Gramma?" I was like a kid. So very exciting. We will see him tomorrow.

  • Packing. G is trying the new/old way of packing, bundling. He saw that video that told him he could pack for thirty days in a small roll on. Me…I’m lazy. I have some of those bags that compress things. 9 days = 3 pair of pants = and 9 shirts. One good outfit. I do want to eat real Chicago pizza in Chicago, and that will probably preclude good clothes. Bringing: 2 pair of shoes: black. Colors: black, acid green, and two cream tops. I love this stage of travel.


  1. Pain shots get better when the "shooters" get better at placing them.

    Meanwhile, have you tried changing your chair/pillow/footrest? I had mysterious lower back pain through three doctors before I got a clue from the third doctor and changed a seat. Problem solved.

  2. The stage of travel I love the best is when the car is loaded and you lock the house. Most absolutely.

  3. Probably your pursuits are not the best for your pain. The change will do you good.
    I'm antedeluvian with regard to packing and wrap everything in tissue paper - the family say I rustle.
    However for the hospital overnights I rolled and agree it is an excellent method.
    Have a safe journey and lots of fun.

  4. I've used the roll method and also putting several shirts together and making a soft cushion...that helps with wrinkles too. So compressing? What about the wrinkles? Getting excited about your trip, I am sure. Have you made a list of essentials and checked the items off as you pack?

  5. Get real Chicago pizza at Uno's, Due's, Gino's, Lou Malnati's. There are probably others, but those are the old time favorites, especially the first three.

  6. Thanks for taking me along on your trip....sort of. I will be happy to see the photos you take enroute. Bon voyage Dianne

  7. Love all three stages of travel for different reasons...the preparation, the travel, and the reminiscing. Wonderful......Enjoy it all! Have a great trip!!

  8. Oooh! I get to eat Chicago pizza in a few days too!!! Yahoo!


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