September 21, 2011

Very Satisfactory

Back and front of the blue quilt.

I’m packing. My friend Seedys doesn’t like to pack but loves the trip. I like both. Watch me roll my underwear into tiny rounds, pop them in a ziplock, lean on it till the air is gone, and smile. Very satisfactory. Socks in ziplock bags and compressed. They leave me with a smile too. Bras aren’t satisfactory to pack at all, but I can get them out of the way.

Just like I’ve been getting that Blue quilt out of the way. Why I have been such a grumph about this quilt, I do not know. Years of being grumpy, frankly. Shame on me for being so bored with this piece. I woke this morning and realized I could tie that quilt instead of machine quilting it. That’d solve my problems. I’ve never tied a quilt. It would be an easier softer way of putting the quilt together, and get it done and out of the way.

Maybe I will go back to splashing watercolor around when I’m done with this quilt. That too is very satisfactory.


  1. If you'd teach me how to tie a quilt, I'd do that for you in return for you packing my suitcases when needed. Oh, and my bras compress to next to nothing. ;)

  2. Yay for packing! I line the game of figuring out what you will actually need. Makes me happy. I am thrilled for your adventure!

  3. Thanks for the packing tips. I haven't traveled much since the airlines, and I assume trains, limited the number of cases you could take on board.

    If you hate that blue quilt, I would be willing to take it off your hands. Dianne

  4. Very nice, Mage. I envy people who can sew. You are so creative!

  5. Never thought of putting socks, undies, etc. into Ziplock bags after rolling them up for travel. I guess I will try that myself next time.
    Love the blue quilt.

  6. I roll my undies, too, but have never put them in ziplock bags. Neat idea... I do put my shoes in the plastic grocery bags -- one shoe per bag. The bras w/o the underwires are much easier to pack. TMI? :)

  7. Great packing suggestions, and the ziplock bags keep the suitcase inspectors from pawing your undies. I like it.

  8. Rebecca aka writes:
    Great post, great blue quilt. I don't like packing but like the journey.
    I finally have a blog on Wordpress. You might like to take a look. Miss you in class

  9. I do love quilts and admire those of you who are able to create them. What a treasure.


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