September 2, 2011

(EDIT) We Are Not A Glum Lot

Views from the Train: Colorado.

  • I must remind myself today, that we are not a glum lot. I will find things to smile about…if not guffaw about, all day. So there.
  • Lost my favorite watch. My fault. I had it at the gym yesterday morning, and I hand carried it out to the truck rather than put it on. Silly me. Somehow, it got carried off somewhere else. Fairy wings perhaps.
  • The Geezer has had a truly busy few days out in the far, far away hinterlands. Once out to Campo on Wednesday. Add an estimate in the middle, and that was a three hour trek back and forth. Yesterday he drove north to Escondido, worked, then took back country roads to Barona to do another job. Another three hour trek in 95 degree heat. He brings the last ones home and does them in the cool ocean breezes of the office. Unfortunately he’s working until nine at night. Today he’s looking forward to Friday and a three day weekend.
  • Yesterday at the Poetry group we talked of Marion B, the Open Diary blogger and poet who died last year. We all miss her terribly. We miss not only her unique voice, but we miss her presence as we all had a special bond with this wonderful mentor. She also sponsored me as I struggled to understand the world I see through the haze of the disease of alcoholism. The sad news yesterday was that her oldest son has died of a brain aneurysm. I believe that Marion, her husband Richard, and Jamie are now all together again.
  • I wish I’d known that the Geezer was going north yesterday. I could have sent a check north with him for Lessa. Her SUV will be a simple fix but not be ready till this afternoon. In the meantime, she’s on the bus.
  • Sailing ships fill our harbor for a Festival of Sail 2011. A new/antique trolley is also running circles around downtown. I’d like to pack a lunch and go see both things this weekend. I’m not into curtailing life yet.
  • I’m skipping the gym today. Only a little guilt. It’s my moment of freedom to write and think at the beginning of this very busy day. I’ll tell you, I’m sure thinking about buying a second GPS, and this time I’m not giving it to the Geezer. Gotta be able to find your doctor’s office to make those doctor’s appointments on time.

  • Not a glum lot at all...tho I did get lost as usual. I've been smashed then smashed again with great care at the mammogram clinic. Just a short while later, I was smeared with warm gel and very carefully checked out with the ultra sound...measured, photographed, and inspected. Just cysts....two new ones. I'm free for a year. Oh, yes, I am saying thank you volubly. Jumping up and down, cheering.....


  1. Today the site let's me comment with my phone as I lounge in bed and consider moving. It sounds like you are in a state of flux. Hang in. Hang on.

  2. I am a great believer in "it's not lost, it's just misplaced." Unfortunately for me, I usually have to buy a new one in order to find the old one.

  3. This post seems a bit more upbeat, even though death will find all of us eventually.

  4. Sounds like you're feeling a bit better and that today is better yet!

  5. Sometimes you gotta skip gym. I think I might return next week after I get the go ahead from the surgeon. Easy Does It. Sorry about your friend. Take care and stay cool. Dianne

  6. Whatever your mood, you always have something of interest to share. I hope you do get that would ease some of your anxiety and stress...

  7. Hello,
    I read this blog a lot now and I'm grandually figuring out relationsips, etc. We are very close in age and I identify with some of your issues and feelings. Your honesty comes through loud and clear. Thank you for saying what I'm sometimes thinking.

  8. Glad to hear you passed your mammo. The loss of those important friends is painful at all ages, that's one thing about aging that kinda stinks, and a good thing about having friends of all ages.


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