September 14, 2011

Writing About Food

Images from the train: Place setting from the State of California Railway Museum, 2008.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Took time from work Monday for the Quieter Home Program review, and he took time from work Tuesday to haul me around. He still has work today.

Herself: I inch along with the blue quilt, and I have patched that blue and white quilt top I’m using for the back. The creator of that piece sewed much like I do…..haphazardly. The front strips are ready to be ironed and sewn. Poetry class tomorrow. I’ll take the German “Thingplatz” piece with me. Yesterday I had my second shot in the hip. Didn’t take allergy list with me and that delayed things. Extreme discomfort on very hard table, but I am very grateful that G took time out of his day to take me to the hospital. Spent yesterday quietly noting what was happening with my hip every hour. Hip much eased today. Taking it easy. Camera back from shop. Very excited about that.

I’ve worked very hard on this latest piece about the German Thingplatz or Thingstatte movement. My dearest critic, The Geezer thinks no one is interested, none of the poets are interested, and that the series has wound down to an end. My stats on “Postcards” differ with his assessment, noting that three in this series have the highest number of visitors of any posts.

Architecture in general may be one of my main interests, but food is also a major focus of my life. Not only do I have uncounted numbers of cookbooks, have professionally cooked my way through college the first time around, but my interest in food is now combined with the fact that I’m burned out on cooking. I can’t be alone. There must be millions like me out there in the world who would rather throw together a quickie sandwich than cook Julia Child’s “Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon.” Which really isn’t that hard.

I will post that last piece about the German, pre-WWII architecture here, but I think I will change the focus of my actual essays to writing about food. Every once in a while I will post something about architecture, I can’t help it, but my main focus will be to inspire myself to return to cooking with some form of enthusiasm.


  1. It doesn't matter what you write. You are good I hang on every word!

  2. I agree....throw in some photos and we are good. You should write about whatever comes to mind...

  3. I too am burned out when it comes to cooking, but I still watch what I eat...for all the good it does.

    I'll bet you set some tables just as pretty as the one from the museum.

  4. Glad the hip is a little better.

    I cook in spurts -- go wild for a few days and then we eat out or do carry-out for a week! Our friends from San Diego are flying in tonight so we'll be going out to dinner for the next few nights! Neat, huh?

    Maybe in our next house, instead of a kitchen, I'll get a drive-thru window!

  5. I've enjoyed everything you write, keep'em coming. I am also burnt out on cooking. Cooking for one is a new game. Since I'm watching my food intake (except for the occasional ice cream binge) I'm sticking with fruit/yogurt smoothies in the am and steaming veggies with a little brown rice on the side for now. No imagination required.

  6. I knew you worked hard on the Thingplatz post. I will look forward to your cooking posts. I used to be a good cook, but have lost interest. Perhaps you can insprire me. Dianne


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