October 26, 2011

Cars and More Cars

Dan Aykroyd’s private rail car “Patron Tequila Express” was attached to our train.

There are those moments. Yesterday I couldn’t write worth beans, and after a day of producing gar-bage, the moment came when I deleted everything I’d struggling with….kapow. It was all a pedantic and emotionless string of words in the guise of poetry. Nothing worked. Instead, I pulled up and adapted a blog entry that you all had liked. It works.

Then I made nacho’s. I’ve never made them before. Don’t laugh. I can say with all honesty that I’m not a successful nacho maker. And I can add that leftover nachos are a soggy, sorry mess. We can eat out.

Five days. That’s all. Just five days. Are you ready……


  1. The Muse is fickle. Especially when tickled.

  2. My daughter makes me something she calls nachos. It's not bad, it is filling, but I suspect it's nowhere near authentic.

    If you have to reheat them, you must put them into an oven. Microwaves create a soggy mess -- not that cold leftovers are much better.

  3. I have never made nachos, but love to eat them.

  4. Alas... I'm not supposed to eat them now, but I used to love it. I'm trying to catch up on my blogging now. That train ride of yours was incredible.

  5. Wonderful train cars. Wish I had one I could hook up to a train. How much fun that could be?

  6. Just stopping by and catching up. I love your photos so much. Nachos are over rated any way.

  7. My, your comments are becoming more interesting lately.....
    I didn't realize that people still had train cars which could be hooked onto public trains. Interesting. I wonder where you find one and how much it costs. Not that I am in the market, it is just my curiosity. Keep at it. It will come to you.

  8. Oh, How I wish I were Dan Aykroyd's friend.
    I'd ride rails with him from beginning to end.
    We'd leave San Diego,The best of the West,
    And end in Grand Central,and then take a rest.
    Then down to Miami,we'd laugh and be jolly
    Then back to LA on the Sunset,By
    So, that is my trip from beginning to end
    That's how it would be were I Dan Akyroyd's friend.


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