October 21, 2011

Friday Not So Lite

  • Everywhere G went on our trip, he found images of junk yards. Is this called bringing your work with you? We both thought the bumper graveyard was one of the best finds. I could show you thousands of miles of wrecking yards scattered across the surface of America. It’s with great restraint, I’m not.

  • Yet. Yet. Yet. I must have had the “Yet” bug this week. In one essay I got caught using at least fifteen “Yets” by the group yesterday. Normally I catch these. Not yesterday. While the world marches against Wall Street, I’m marching against “Yets.”

  • G’s back is healing nicely now. He didn’t just have one cyst but there was another underneath the first. A second surgery got the remnants of the first and all the second out.

  • Tomorrow there will be a celebration of Kay’s life. A week from now, she will be interred. I thank everyone for their cards, notes, email, and love. I spent the afternoon answering email yesterday. The world is a vastly smaller place without her passion.


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  2. I think you got a spam bug in that first comment.
    As for junkyards, I loved them when I was a kid, but avoid them like the plague now.
    Re the OWS people, I am not sure anyone knows what they want. A democrat pollster did a survey and discovered 85 percent of them have jobs and the rest have trust funds.

    To your frind Kay, rest in peace. No protesters or other problems in your new place of abode.

    Sorry to hear about G's travails.


  3. I like those photos of junk yards. Unusual. May Kay rest in peace.

  4. Once again, words cannot express how sorry I am for the loss of your precious friend. I am holding you in my heart.

  5. I hope the celebration of your dear friend's life helps to ease the pain of losing her. I know you have such great memories and probably some wonderful photos of her to enjoy and share.
    Good luck to G with the surgical situations.....
    Yet..... (just kidding!)

  6. I'm glad G's back is better. Cool photos, by the way. As for Kay -- Hang in there. Loss is so difficult, but you clearly have many people who love you. I'm glad you have that support.


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