October 1, 2011

Full Circle

Views from the train: Coming home: Sloughs and strawberries.

We are home. It was a delightful trip even more so than I thought it might be. We arrived home in sunshine, downloaded our images after grocery shopping, and I discovered that 99.9% of mine on my rebuilt camera were out of focus.

Tomorrow I will go through and save what I can of my family and friends, of Glacier National Park, of the powerful Cascades, of the marvelous plains and buildings in Chicago, and of the drama of New Mexican colors of the earth and skies.

It was a wonderful, rich, exciting experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I am also more than grateful that G’s camera worked.


  1. Good to have you back. Glad the trip went well. Sorry about the pictures.

  2. Welcome home! Too bad about your camera...

  3. Glad the trip was so good. I look forward to the stories and whatever pictures.

  4. So glad you had fun! Cannot wait to hear the stories! Sorry about the camera.....

  5. I hope you can rescue some of the out of focus photos...I'[m sure they are beautiful. So glad to hear you had a grand time and enjoyed your adventure.

  6. I hate when technology gives us a flip. I am so hoping this does not make you too depressed. I have had this happen when 'someone' must have fiddle with the settings on my camera when I set it down somewhere...!~


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